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Digital marketing technologies that you should know about

In this digital day and age, it is impossible to make an impression in the field of marketing without leveraging the many benefits of digital marketing technologies. As the way of the future, marketers should be aware of essential technologies that'll be useful in 2014.

Big data

Big data allows you to discover trends and connections that otherwise would have probably gone unnoticed. The innovation of big data is the result of management of huge amounts of consumer information through the effective application of digital marketing technology. This information can not only be used to make informed marketing decisions, but it can also be used as a means of increasing interaction between consumers, creating an engaging experience that makes your brand stand out from the crowd.


"Wearables" is a term used to refer to technology that can literally be worn. Smart watches, for example, function like basic smartphones that can be worn on the wrist. Although smart watches may take a few years to reach popular status, health and fitness gadgets that can be worn to measure heart rate and calorie consumption have already taken off. If managed in the same way as a mobile marketing campaign, wearables can prove to be very advantageous in the digital age.

Second screen

Second screen technology is what allows audience members to watch their favourite television show and vote for their favourite contestant at the same time. It is basically the use of a computing device, like a smartphone, to provide an enhanced viewing experience on another device, such as a television. The rise in second screens is a key development in digital marketing. By leveraging second screen technology to provide users with an engaging experience, marketers are putting their brand ahead of the pack.

Crowdsourcing and collaborative commerce

Crowdsourcing is the idea that the power of many can be used to achieve the same accomplishments previously reserved for the privileged few. Collaborative commerce is the "next wave" of digital marketing. Branded crowdfunding allows consumers to pledge allegiance to a brand with more than just a click of a "Like" button - instead, they use real money to show their support. This method gives the marketer a far stronger idea of the intent to purchase a product.

Social media

According to Facebook, 88% of engagement happens in the news feed. This means that if your brand isn't appearing in the newsfeed, it's probably going unseen. Studies show that visual content drives engagement and that posts with video are three times more likely to attract inbound traffic than text-based posts. Rich and collaborative in-stream solutions that are trackable are the way forward in social media marketing.


Mobile marketing, although not a recent development, cannot be forgotten. Even with all the new technologies making their presence felt, mobile remains an important area to focus on. In 2014, 35% of all search traffic will be from mobile, with mobile banner advertising expected to grow by 100%.

Through the effective combination of these technologies, digital marketers will be in a position to outshine the competition by providing innovative marketing solutions that effectively engage consumers on a personal level.

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