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Marketing careers of the future

Issued by: GetSmarter | 9 Apr 2014 09:03
According to Forbes, the outlook is rosy for marketing professionals working in the industry as marketing managers, advertising and sales representatives, marketing film and video editors, graphic designers, and market research analysts. These role players, as well as many others, are essential in bringing together the vibrant marketing content found on television and in print. However, although marketing careers are expected to stay strong, there are a number of changes predicted for the future that could affect your skill set.
For one thing, digital marketing is booming, with billions being invested every year at the expense of more traditional marketing methods. As this trend continues, marketers with digital marketing experience and skills are likely to eclipse their counterparts during job interviews. Another trend is multichannel marketing, where consumers are given multiple options for purchasing a product. Internet marketing, for example, is becoming increasingly important and ties in with the growing industry of eCommerce. Multichannel marketing also involves using partners to sell goods and services. Expect to see more marketing professionals with titles such as "business technology manager" and "multichannel marketing manager" in the future.

How to keep up

If you want your career in marketing to be secure in the years to come, be sure to:
  • Update your skills regularly
    All of these changes predicted for the field of marketing in the future require more focus on areas that many marketers simply don't have the skills to handle. The lines between marketing and technology are becoming consistently blurrier, making it necessary for marketers to improve their technological skills to remain relevant. As Rick Linde says, "the availability of new technologies and new developments in the media industry have created a demand for new kinds of experience, cultural knowledge and skills sets that candidates must be aware of if they wish to vie for such a position".

  • Be adaptable
    The marketing industry is constantly in flux with new techniques and approaches falling in and out of favour every day. Even the most seasoned marketing professionals are faced with the challenges of change.

  • Keep up with the influencers
    Some marketers are better at what they do than others. In the 21st century, there are many ways, such as Twitter, to connect with the most influential marketers and learn from their experiences.
The future looks good for people with a passion for marketing, but only if they are prepared to put in the work and effort required to keep their skills up-to-date and to stay ahead of the big technological changes that are already shaping the industry.

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Selvan Padayachee
Founded in1991, trading as Mishlen Office Machines was officially started as a Dynamic & Focused company specializing in sales & service of Note & coin counters, paper shredders, document binders, document laminators,
computer printers, supplies.
Posted on 14 Apr 2014 21:58