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Mosaic helps Habari map the rainbow nation

Habari Media is proud to announce its partnership with P:Cubed, a specialist analytically-driven marketing services provider, to incorporate a new consumer classification system called Mosaic SA into Habari's mobile and mailer database.
Mosaic helps Habari map the rainbow nation - Habari Media
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This partnership sees the unification of two leaders in their respective fields - Habari Media as a dynamic and award-winning multimedia sales house in Africa, and Mosaic, the most advanced and in-depth consumer segmentation tool available in South Africa.

"The traditional LSM model has served us well over the years, but the reality is that a population as diverse as South Africa cannot be classified into ten groups. It's too simplistic, and it fails to capture many of the lifestyle nuances that have increasingly begun to define certain sectors of society," says Habari Media MD, Wayne Bischoff.

"Over the past five years alone, household composition, economic status and technology usage have transformed South Africa's more affluent consumer landscape. High unemployment rates amongst South Africa's youth, increased urbanisation and an increasing divide between the 'haves' and 'have not's', has influenced low economic behaviour. And in between, the country's middle income class has grown exponentially. South Africans are living, communicating and interacting in a completely new way," explains P:Cubed's Anton Grutzmacher.

Mosaic SA captures this new South Africa, painting a rich picture of South African consumers and their socio-demographics, lifestyles, behaviour's and culture; providing marketers with the most accurate and comprehensive view of their customers, prospects and markets. In doing so Mosaic SA will be helping ensure a better return on marketing investment.

In a nutshell, Mosaic SA is a neighbourhood consumer lifestyle segmentation system that provides a 360-degree view of consumer lifestyles by classifying the whole of South Africa into 48 unique segments and 12 overarching groups. It is created from over 140 different data variables, using 13 million South African households, the National Census database across 80,000 enumerated areas, combined with predictive insights, property characteristics and summarised credit data. To help marketers understand and act on the data, Mosaic SA also defines categories of insights around dimensions such as who we are, where we live, how we get by and how we live our lives.

The descriptive group classifications - including the likes of "Kasi Bread and Buttered" to describe township dwellers, or "Where the streets have no name", referring to those who live in semi-formal or informal settlements - give a brief glimpse into just how perceptive this tool can be.

Although Mosaic SA has been created specifically for South Africa, the Mosaic system is already being widely used in the UK and US, and has become a common currency for media agencies targeting very specific audience groups.

"The beauty of this tool is that it moves beyond targeting via interest groups into targeting via potential engagement. Mosaic helps marketers better identify which audience groupings that will be more inclined to engage with certain topics of discussion, or products, due to very specific combinations of economic, social and demographic circumstances," says Bischoff.

Habari Media has been working with P:Cubed for over a year to ensure effective integration of Mosaic SA into its existing databases. The system will be available free to all Habari Media clients online, allowing them to learn more about potential target audiences.

To see the system in action, you will need to embark on an SMS, MMS or Mailer campaign with Habari Media. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating and Habari Media guarantees that you will be back for seconds.


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Habari Media
Habari Media
Established in 2004, Habari Media is a dynamic and award-winning multi-media sales company with a core focus in digital, offering advertisers exclusive access to a wide selection of premium brands throughout the continent.
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