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Destiny celebrates 20 years of freedom!

As South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy, Destiny marks this milestone by profiling four women who have carved significant roles in different industries over the past 20 years. Felicia Mabuza-Suttle, Connie Masilo-Ferguson, Sonja de Bruyn Sebotsa and Wendy Luhabe spoke to Deputy Editor Sheena Adams about their respective journeys, fears and hopes for the country.
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Luhabe shared her sentiments on the state of the country. She says: "As a young democracy, SA needs young, visionary and courageous leaders who are able to put the country first and themselves last. I'm disappointed at the level of institutionalised corruption at all levels of society. We have an extremely low moral threshold and a fragile value system. We need to consolidate our individual contributions towards a collective and national effort."

This month's Investigation in Destiny looks into the role played by women in the mining sector. Although it's gaining prominence, there're still many challenges that female miners face every day. According to statistics from the Department of Mineral Resources, although more than 10% of miners today are women, very few work in core operations - the technical, specialised fields that are underground.

Other noteworthy features in this issue include:
  • Powerhouse Q&A with Claudelle von Eck: Von Eck is the CEO of the Institute on Internal Auditors (IIASA). She sees herself as working for the interests of the country through the cultivation of a profession which is vital to the health of its public and private institutions.
  • Your Money: In 2013, only 12% of the people featured on the Forbes 400 richest list were women - and only seven of those had acquired their wealth, rather than inherited it. Nevertheless, there are many inspiring, self-made, entrepreneurial women around the globe. Destiny profiles some of those including Wu Yajun, Sarah Blakely and Isabel Dos Santos.
  • Executive Intelligence: Google "left brain" and you'll be flooded with information: from quizzes helping you identify which side of your brain is dominant to articles explaining recruitment strategies that can sift left- from right- brainers. Yet, according to recent research, the entire theory of left/right-brain thinking is defunct.
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