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Reinventing your business model to succeed at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Most companies underestimate the innovation required to operate successfully in low-income markets. Attend this groundbreaking event that will expose you to the best practices and help you develop successful strategies for this unique market.
Across developing economies, managers are racing to grow top line by tapping into the market potential of four billion underserved, low-income consumers, also referred to as the Base of Pyramid market or the next billion. However, many firms underestimate the innovation required to succeed in this market and burn their fingers on first-generation attempts by applying traditional business models and approaches.

Knowledge Resources is proud to present the one-day workshop on 'SUCCESSFUL STRATEGIES FOR LOW-INCOME MARKETS - Reinventing your business model to succeed at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP)', facilitated by Dr Tashmia Ismail.

This workshop, taking place on 8 April 2014, will encourage disruptive thinking, test your team's assumptions and expose you to best practice models through cases and discussion. Key theoretical concepts, case studies and interactive sessions will provide a platform for participants to examine and debate firm strategies and innovation from a broad array of sectors in low-income markets.

PS: The workshop is almost fully booked - only a limited number of seats still available - BOOK your seat now!

  • Acquire key insights to understanding the unique set of needs, aspirations and priorities of the emerging consumer, and how to create and capture value as they climb the economic ladder.
  • Understand the importance of comprehensive segmentation and developing local networks in low-income markets.
  • Learn how brands, products, technologies and services grow with the consumer and impact their lives.
  • Recognise disruptive, frugal and reverse innovation, and why it is important to target the low-income market successfully.
  • Learn the steps and frameworks of successful business model design.
  • Discuss and examine two full case studies and several smaller ones.
  • Examine organisation structure and identify the internal factors which block successful business in low-income markets.
  • Understand the concept and framework of a shared value approach - connecting company success with positive social impact.
View the full workshop outline

TWO-DAY CONFERENCE: 9-10 April 2014

The workshop forms part of the ground-breaking conference, 'Marketing to Low-Income Consumers' taking place on 9-10 April 2014. Attend this event and equip yourself with the latest research, innovative insights and practical information needed to develop and grow your brand to the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP).

  • Financial services to the BoP - serving South Africa's unique market

    Berniece Hieckmann, Executive: Marketing & Product Development, Metropolitan Retail

  • The secrets of effective Stokvel campaigns

    Busi Skenjana, CEO, BSK Marketing & Associates

  • Bottom of the Pyramid inspiration - fresh insight from South Africa's Mamas

    Wendy Cochrane, Managing Director, Big Mama's Famous Truth Shop

  • Real insights from the informal traders

    Q&A session with four spaza shop owners from various informal settlements

  • Social Enterprise - how to find truly innovative opportunities in the low-income market

    Charles Maisel, Global multi-award winning social entrepreneur and founder, Innovation Shack

  • Business model innovation - developing a low-cost beer in Mozambique (case study from SAB Miller)

    Dr Tashmia Ismail, Head: Inclusive Markets Programme, GIBS

  • Tracking attitudes in the low-income market

    Angy Hammond, Head: Market Intelligence, SABC

  • How to conquer the continent - understanding key consumer trends and social movements across Africa

    Terry Behan, CEO: Africa, Middle East and Europe, VWV Group

  • BoP consumer shopping behaviour and the role of the informal trader

    GG Alcock, CEO, Minanawe Marketing

  • Reality check at the Bottom of the Pyramid

    Lebo Motshegoa, Managing Director, Foshizi - Mass Market Research and Strategy

  • Social grants - recipients' attitudes towards advancement

    Mamapudi Nkgadima, Managing Director, African Response
And much more... View the full programme.

Pre-conference Workshop: 8 AprilR3,950 (incl. VAT)
Two-day conference: 9&10 AprilR7,500 (incl. VAT)
One-day conference: 9 OR 10 AprilR3,750 (incl. VAT)
Workshop & Two-day Conference: 8-10 AprilR9,850 (incl. VAT & you save R1,600)

The above fee includes VAT, lunch, refreshments, parking, conference and workshop material.

Register online.

For MORE INFORMATION, contact Maureen du Toit: or 083 226 6657.

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