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Our outlook for 2014

With the advent of the increased amount of retrenchment activity out in the market place over the last 18 months, we are finding more and more start-up business arriving in the market place.

At Mediacore we've made it our mission to interact and market ourselves to these young businesses, many of which are in need of marketing and advertising support without the huge price tag. Traditionally, the services we offer would be out of reach because advertising agencies charged liked the proverbial wounded bull, with very little measurable outcome.

We've mechanised a unique pricing structure which makes our services available to these businesses and gives them the advantage of addressing the market successfully with our guidance and service support.

Coupled with our existing client base our new family members enjoy the full spectrum of our services which include tailor-made strategies from brand, advertising, marketing, PR and production, all facilitated in-house. Mediacore becomes your one-stop shop. Now I'm bragging! Some of the old-minded advertising sorority will bleat that by incorporating our own production facility we will dilute our focus but I will be sharing with you references from actual clientele later this year. They'll tell you - it does work!


Sub-Saharan Africa brags the fastest growing mobile phone market with 66% of penetration in South Africa. The demand for handset content is on the increase. At Mediacore we've tried and tested a variety of content for this medium and have developed a winning formula. We're expecting big things from this market and it will definitely be an interesting area of growth and development throughout 2014.

We have concluded a vast amount of training production in 2013 and have even more planned for various business sectors for 2014.

Business TV

Our business TV Solutions are more in demand now than they've ever been over the last 10 years.

Broadcasting on a budget is possible and service providers are offering up cutting edge platforms to fill the niche. Price has always been the crux and the measurability of these types of service, the question mark, however these issues have been dealt with and this vehicle is poised to do well.

The clever bunch of pioneers that tried to sell Broadcast TV as an advertising platform have realised that communication and training is what these channels are better suited for. We have ventured into a series of offerings in this arena - from high-end fully interactive solutions to the basic satellite broadcast solutions.

There is an increased need to communicate change and structure in our ever developing business sectors. This is coupled with the need to get the information to the point of use at the moment, with the maximum reaction and retention. Business TV offers this platform and is in no way a replacement of the traditional ways of communicating but rather an effective reinforcement tool.

TV and Radio Advertising

If only the national broadcaster would realise that their exceptionally high prices on airtime for advertising does not assist the growth of the country. All of the new to market business we interact with at Mediacore cannot utilise this media; it is just too far out of reach. Even if we created the production for free, the barrier to entry remains the cost of airtime. Despite exposure to the worldwide recession we find the National Broadcaster still sitting comfortably in ignorance.

Paid TV Channels don't offer much better. They're either finding a winning price point only to increase it daily as the demand grows, as opposed to maintaining it, or not even offering us a facility to advertise yet.

However, this is not all doom and gloom. New to market business has begun to utilise exciting and different mediums that defy the norm. They're coming up with smart ideas and hunting out companies like Mediacore to make these ideas a reality. We're excited to see what 2014 has in store!

Posted on 11 Mar 2014 11:24

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