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UCKG's Women in Action inspire women to be positive influences and help transform society

Following the success of the first symposium for women and responding to requests for guidance from women throughout South Africa, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God's Women in Action and Godllywood hosted a second symposium to motivate and encourage women to embrace their self-worth and be positive role models. Held in Johannesburg on Sunday 9 June 2013, the Cenacle of the Holy Spirit's main hall was filled with 5000 women of all ages and from all walks of life eager to learn how to overcome the challenges, inequalities and pressures of daily life in modern society. The event was broadcast live to centres in all nine provinces as well as to Zambia and Namibia, reaching an audience of close to 14,500 women.
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Guest speakers, Women in Action (WiA) founder Marcia Pires from Johannesburg, Marcia Paulo from Cape Town and Pinky Dada from Port Elizabeth, said women need to concentrate on and develop their spiritual strength which sets them apart and makes them role models for others to emulate. Women with strong internal strength have the ability to overcome the many difficulties facing women as they embrace their roles as wives, mothers, daughters and business people. This strength is apparent in a woman's values, her decisions and her life.

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Reminding the women of some of the content from the first symposium, Marcia Pires said that as women we are influenced and influence others. She said that people are influenced by what they see, but the external trappings of celebrities may not reflect who they really are. She said: "Women have been given a special gift and an important and valuable role in society - that of influencing others. We have the ability to influence our husbands, our children and others around us on a daily basis. By being good examples and inspirational role models, we can transform our homes and communities and impact positively on society. Even the most simple woman has the power to influence others positively." She motivated and encouraged women to make a difference wherever they are saying: "Great nations are built on the foundation of sound families and stable homes where honest values and upright principles are learned."

Addressing the often controversial topic of submission, speakers stressed that Biblical submission is not a position where women are regarded as inferior, subjected to abuse, disempowered, dictated to and dominated by men. Rather it is an acceptance that peace and harmony prevail when the natural order of things is observed. Just as the planets orbit the sun, so men and women have different roles to play. Women who accept that submission is essential, experience strength and true freedom.

Having heard the theory, delegates listened to a powerful testimony by Theresa Tshabala which offered practical examples of how these principles helped her grow and overcome difficulties in her life. Her story demonstrated how her spiritual strength and decision to submit in a wholesome way enabled her to be a powerful influence and helped transform her life. She stressed that submission is not advocating that women should be doormats nor deprived of their dignity, but that they should embrace their special role of influencing others positively.

The second symposium for women was organised by Women in Action, pastors' wives from the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, and Godllywood, a project that aims to groom women to become positive influences in families and society. Based on the principles of the life-changing book "The V-woman" by Cristiane Cardoso, the event inspired women to acknowledge their value and help transform society by being a positive influence.

For further information please contact Nametso Mofokeng, UCKG public relations department on 011 224 3400 or .

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