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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

Hamlet Foundation award evening staged pro bono by VWV

The Hamlet Foundation's annual awards ceremony and fundraising banquet, held at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, was again supported by brand experience agency, VWV for the 18th year in succession.
Singing sensations, ‘The Supremes’, keep guests entertained at The Hamlet annual banquet.
"Although this is a CSI project, the agency treats The Hamlet as any other paying client and the dedication of our staff to this project is awe-inspiring. All the hard work put into this event is in no way different to any other event that we stage," affirms Willem Grobbelaar, the VWV project manager.

Founded in 1954, The Hamlet Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that cares for intellectually challenged children and adults in and around Johannesburg. Donating time, equipment and expertise, the VWV team delivered an evening that touched the heart and soul of every guest and supporter of the establishment.

"Recognising that the Foundation is funded by the generosity of others, the agency contributes what it does best. Through our work, we have found a way to honour those whose lives have limitations, recognising them, and celebrating the courage and grace with which they embrace the challenge of everyday life," adds Grobbelaar.

Choir Mistress Antonella Hart and The Hamlet School Choir.
Penny Lebanye, popular radio and television personality, was the MC and entertainment included a moving musical piece by The Hamlet choir and a glitzy performance by 'The Supremes' - who were directed by musical director, Clifford Cooper.

As part of fundraising initiatives, children from the foundation produced wonderfully creative paintings and drawings that were sold on the evening, along with beautifully branded pens and Hamlet art notebooks. The children and adults who will benefit from the money raised at the event are among those who are victims of genetic flaws, birth complications and drug abuse by mothers during pregnancy.

"As astute members of society who are in control of our lives, it is our responsibility to assist those less fortunate. With this in mind, I feel proud to be part of a company with a warm and generous heart," he concludes.