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Ireland/Davenport builds a 'doll house' for Habitat for Humanity

When Ireland/Davenport approached Habitat for Humanity to assist with their annual report, there was never going to be a standard approach and predictable result.
Ireland/Davenport, knowing the difference Habitat for Humanity makes in the lives of many people by addressing the issues of poverty and housing, wanted to develop a creative campaign worthy of their contribution to society. The result was an annual report which came together through the union of digital, print and video mediums.

In a reflection of what is at the heart of the NGO, Ireland/Davenport's creative team came up with the idea of creating a Habitat for Humanity doll house. Every room in the house represents an actual person or family that has benefitted from Habitat for Humanity in South Africa. A striking visual representation of the very real difference they are making on the ground. The doll house can be viewed on Habitat for Humanity's website along with the videos and stories of each featured home recipient. Click here

The physical annual report is an A3 print version poster of the doll house. All of the elements of the annual report are on the back of the poster and can also be viewed on the website. So instead of wading through a thick book, a one page summary does the trick. Digital agency, Clarity also developed an iPhone application for the campaign. People can simply drag their phone over specific rooms in the doll house to view the rich content.

"It is hard to put into words just how we feel in thanks and appreciation to the team at Ireland/Davenport, for reaching out to us with the offer of pro bono work for our 2011 Annual Report. Little did we know that it would put us at the forefront of cutting edge technology," comments Adrienne Burke, Marketing Specialist, Habitat for Humanity.

Ireland/Davenport's Founding Partner and Executive Creative Director, Philip Ireland, copywriter Julia Rutherford, Art Director, Natalie Urban, and designer, Rachel Willemse as well as Gary Sundelowitz from Clarity, complete the credit list. A Gold and Bronze awards at the 2012 Loerie Awards have been garnered so far on this project.

Further to the annual report for Habitat for Humanity, Ireland/Davenport (over the period of a week in October) built a house in Orange Farm for one of the many deserving beneficiaries - 75-year-old Dina Tshabalala and her grandchildren.

"The juxtaposition between the creative and the actual building was incredible. Having the ability and opportunity to change people's lives to such an extent is amazing," comments Philip Ireland, Executive Creative Director at Ireland/Davenport.

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