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Trudon CSI unveil digital learning environment at Kwena Molapo High School

Trudon Corporate Social Investment (CSI) has unveiled a sponsorship of a digital innovation centre at Kwena Molapo High School. The school is the first such school of this nature to be equipped with a digital learning environment. Going forward, Trudon CSI will implement this model as and when it adopts other disadvantaged secondary schools in rural and semi-rural schools in the near future.
Kwena Molapo High School Principal Michael Maligana and young students
Trudon CSI, in conjunction with ADS Consultants, identified technological needs that were required by previously disadvantaged secondary schools to give their young learners a further opportunity to maximise their learning potential through the benefit of modern, hi-tech equipment.

Kwena Molapo High School underwent renovations on a classroom block during the recent school holidays to create an environment conducive for an E-learning Centre. Overall, three classrooms were overhauled and saw the installation of interactive Smartboards and laptops. A laptop (E-Learning Centre) was put in place to cater to the needs of grade 8-12 learners in the field of computer literacy.

The interactive Smartboard technology incorporates software specified for specific grades curriculum subjects and comes with a large, touch-enabled surface that allows teachers and students to write in digital ink, erase, move objects and control applications with a finger or pen. The software also helps teachers create, deliver and manage high-impact interactive lesson activities.

One of the upgraded Kwena Molapo High School classrooms, complete with upgraded technology
"Trudon CSI is proudly sponsoring Kwena Molapo High School with a digital learning centre that will see many young students lives impacted positively through this technological opportunity", says Thabo Seopa Trudon MD. "Technology is playing an increasingly important role in society and it is of paramount importance that these young learners are able to become technologically proficient, providing them with the tools required in a competitive marketplace," Seopa concluded.

Furthermore, as another part of its CSI programmes, facilitated by ADS Consultants, Trudon also adopted fifteen early child development (ECD), primary and secondary school leaders and their teams within Diepsloot, and the surrounding areas with the aim of developing the leadership skills of school management teams. The leadership team from Kwena Molapo High School is currently enrolled in this programme with the aim of ensuring that the skills they acquire are successfully transferred to the classroom for the ultimate benefit of the students attending the school.

Trudon Managing Director Thabo Seopa and Kwena Molapo High School Prinicipal Michael Maligana
Other Trudon CSI programmes range from adopting schools in disadvantaged communities that have a record of a low matric pass rate - specifically in the all-important subjects of maths and science; assisting disadvantaged grade 8 learners with proven academic abilities to attend Johannesburg's best high schools to those at tertiary level. This includes granting bursaries to full time students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds studying towards an undergraduate degree that is in-line with Trudon's business.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Trudon also plays its part in ensuring the sustainability of the environment we live in. Trudon is thus committed to managing effectively the direct environmental impacts associated with its operations. This extends to the areas of: Promoting the Recycling of Old Print Directories and planting of trees in low cost housing settlements across South Africa.

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