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Little people make their mark as they give 67 blankets for 67 minutes

The Mandela Day campaign is calling on people around the world to commit 67 minutes of their time "to make an imprint and help change the world around them."
As part of a contribution to an ingenious brainchild by a legendary man who has fought for South African human rights for 67 years, Brand inc Creative Group has lent a helping hand to St Andrews Playschool in Durban North, by giving some of their creative time in desigining a piece of artwork on behalf of the playschool which was then manipulated into a birthday card when donatiing 67 blankets to the much needed school, Ncino Ones, based at The Hole in the Wall in Balito.

"Being a playschool for tiny tots, it would be impossible to give 67 minutes of our physical time, so even though our winter season is tepid compared to everyelse in the country, blankets are always a necessity, and so we decided to collect 67 blankets to give to a worthy cause like the children at Ncinco Ones," says Jacky Boyd, owner of St Andrews Play School.

"We are so privileged to be a part of such an inititiaitve and to have designed a birthday card on behalf of such a fantastic school in honour of Madiba is really what is should be all about," enthused Chris Heaton, Managing Director at Brand inc. "As an ad agency, we work hard at building household brands everyday but sometimes it's the "little people" who need as much support in the great things that they do to make our country a better place. The playschool suffered a shortage in the amount of blankets needed to reach the amount of 67, so we were pleased to meet them and donate the balance needed."

In fact the number met was exactly the same amount of years that Mr Mandela spent in prison. "Each blanket counts for every year Madiba spent fighting for what he believed in. Metaphoracally, the blankets also represent the warmth and comfort of a man who has achieved world greatness."

To find out more about the campaign and available volunteer opportunities, please visit

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