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UCKG's Women in Action encourage female inmates to dream again

For the fourth consecutive year, Women in Action visited the Pretoria Female Correctional Centre during women's month, offering encouragement and guidance to those serving their sentences. The purpose of this outreach initiative is to affirm women and remind them that they have not been forgotten by society.
Marcia Pires, Founder of Women in Action, motivated the inmates to use their time positively because although they are incarcerated without personal freedom, their minds are free. She said: "I encourage you to dream again and work towards achieving those dreams when you return to your families and communities."

Pires used the example of their children who have been left behind at home saying when they think of their sons and daughters, they should not allow their minds to fill with regret or hatred because they are unable to look after them, but rather to use their thoughts to motivate themselves so that they can offer their families a better life when they return home. She encouraged everyone to look beyond their current circumstances and focus on personal growth and improvement during this time. This, coupled with the ability to make good choices, will prepare them for the lives that lie ahead when they are released and reintegrated into society.

Using the Bible reference from Isaiah 61 she highlighted that the purpose of Jesus's earthly mission was the restoration of every person's inner being, rather than striving for physical freedom or material blessings.

Rev W.L Manaka, Manager: Spiritual Care Services at Kgoši Mampuru II Management Area wrote saying: "The purpose of this communication is to express our sincere gratitude for the services rendered at Female Correctional Centre on 26 August 2014. Your services always contribute towards rehabilitation of offenders and address offending behaviour. Your continuous partnership with this organisation will indeed make a difference in the lives of the offenders."

Women in Action, known as the "pink ladies" had prepared a meal which they served to the inmates and gave each one of the more than 300 women a toiletry hamper which they received with great gratitude. Items that most of us take for granted are luxuries for those in correctional centres, where only the most basic commodities are available. Seeing this appreciation touched the visitors who commented that as always they received far more than they gave and left the correctional centre with a renewed appreciation for all that they have.

The correctional centre choir and the WiA singers entertained the women.

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God's prison ministry is based on the belief that everyone deserves a second chance and that time in a correctional centre can be used positively to rehabilitate offenders and prepare them for their return to society as productive members of the community.

For further information, please contact Nametso Mofokeng at the church's public relations department email .

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