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Seven tips on how to maximise Mandela Day

What are the seven things you need to know to have a successful Mandela Day? #MandelaDay #67MinutesForMandela
Sarah Campbell
Nelson Mandela International Day is an important day for South Africans as collectively we give back, declare war against poverty and promote peace and reconciliation across the world. Corporates across South Africa get behind this day as their staff dedicate their time to assist a charity, non-profit or community association with a social need.

With this significant day comes a deluge of media coverage as companies compete for space to share their good-news stories about what they are doing on Mandela Day. So how do companies make sure their stories stand out from the pack around this time and how should corporates be communicating about their on-going volunteering efforts in general?

Kaelo Engage, a leading content development agency specialising in socially responsibly content has put together seven tips to help corporates actively communicate and share their stories while inspiring others to take up volunteering and get involved.
  1. Take an 80/20 approach. Do the volunteering work throughout the year and showcase the change on Nelson Mandela Day. Align your volunteering initiatives to projects that are sustainable and reaffirm your commitment on Mandela Day by actively communicating about the learnings, changes and successes. Share your learnings by producing a case study or thought leadership piece.

  2. Make sure you have support from the top. Get the CEO involved in your volunteering efforts all year round and obviously showcase this on Mandela Day. Positioning leadership interviews about volunteering where the CEO gets to share his personal experience will be seen as newsworthy by many news desks.

  3. Be creative in how you communicate. Following the herd is easy, but does not get you noticed. Explore new channels and how they could be utilized. Investigate how you can tell your Mandela Day and volunteering story visually.

  4. Repurpose your content. Writing a press release or blog post shouldn't be the end of your content creation efforts around volunteering.  Think about how many different tweets you could create, how about a quick Instagram or YouTube video sharing some best practices about volunteering. How can you tell the story to different audiences? Plan for this before Mandela Day to make a greater impact.

  5. Be media savvy. Make sure you communicate your story to the right audience, via the right media channels. The shotgun approach will almost certainly consign your release to the junk mail folder, and annoy more recipients than not. Journalists are always looking for newsworthy content with a unique angle that is relevant to their audiences. Make sure you feed them this.

  6. Communicate the real impact of volunteering. The one true way to outlast the pack is to be effective, show growth and change. Painting a school is great, but increasing a pass rate from 32% to 79 % in 24 month is change. Journalists are looking for facts and figures, stories about leadership, new thinking and different ideas about how your company is tackling volunteering and Mandela Day.

  7. Consider doing something different. Getting out and giving back on Mandela Day doesn't necessarily mean your staff have to paint a school or dig a veggie garden. Staff can volunteer skills, give lectures, and assist with capacity building. Many NGOs need help with marketing, financial report, administration, HR processes, IT etc. Build a story around this different approach and its impact.
For more information about creating socially responsibly content that engages and mobilises your communities, contact Sarah Campbell on or 082 810 8091

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Kaelo Engage
Kaelo Engage provides communication services specifically around Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Brand and Cause related marketing needs of corporate clients in Southern Africa.
Nelson Mandela changed the face of racial politics across the globe. His message should live on and all races should embrace their own voice as a people to stand against governments who would have us segregated and separated by race, class, gender or creed. Many minorities and social classes still fight to this day for equal pay and equal rights. I paid my own homage to Mandela shortly after his passing with a portrait of the world leader at where you can drop by and let us know how he’s influenced you!
Posted on 18 Jul 2014 21:24
Paul Talliard
Hands of Honour had a great day,dedicated to a great man.Read more about our great day here?set=a.669890266438114.100002514409574&type=3
Posted on 22 Jul 2014 13:50