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LiveMoya tapping into local communities

Issued by: LiveMoya | 19 Mar 2014 13:01
In South Africa, a number of growing informal settlements exist which are populated by a large number of lower income spenders. Although they are extremely financially strapped, they represent a large percentage of total South African consumers. he difficulty marketers face is finding a way to penetrate these markets (where so many difficulties exist such as poverty, crime and a general lack of resources like water and electricity) whilst creating an ethical balance that generates added benefits from which the community can profit.
Introducing the concept of a social brand

LiveMoya has tapped into a unique and "quid-pro-quo" approach for targeting local communities and informal settlements. The approach involves creating a local brand within the community that requires direct involvement and engagement from local community members. In doing so, the brand generates automatic trust from the communities which is spread downwards by word-of-mouth from heads of the community. Word-of-mouth and "influencers" are prime ways to create positive word of mouth and encouragement for further consumers of your brands/and or products. This was successfully utilised through a campaign called Raising Roots.

Raising Roots

Raising Roots is a social brand that was developed with the objective of increasing a commercial product's brand equity and growth in a community environment. The intention of the "social brand approach", was for the community "to be a part of the brand" and for the brand to gain momentum with the community so that it would become trusted by the communities who felt an ownership of the brand and the broader campaign. One of the ways this was achieved was through targeting influential members of the community who became a part of the campaign (Raising Roots ambassadors) and could therefore influence the community to attend events and purchase associated commercial brands linked to the social brand.

Pictures from Raising Roots campaign:

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Brands are no longer simply symbols, designs or representations to be foisted on an individual. Rather, all brands need some form of engagement with individuals and the resultant degree of evolution, even while staying true to its values and ethos. Brands need to be resilient to the turbulence of social media, fast changing environments and high competition. A brand that is owned by communities is part of the solution. And in this line of thinking, many of the world's most successful brands can be considered at least partially, as social brands.

About LiveMoya

LiveMoya is a multi-disciplinary consulting organisation which prides itself on the integrated nature of its various offerings. Our approach is predicated on academic rigour and analysis that evinces a sound track record. We take pride in deriving and implementing recommendations that we have formulated through innovative, inclusive, integrated and evidence-based processes so as to achieve desired results.

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LiveMoya is a multi-disciplinary consulting organisation which prides itself on the integrated nature of its various offerings.
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