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Colourtone Aries expansion benefits the community

When a business expands, it makes sense then that the community should benefit. In the case of Colourtone Aries, expanding its business had a positive influence for Hanover Park's First Community Resource Centre.
Colourtone Aries' sales manager, Ryan Bywater, had no hesitation in contacting 567 Talk Radio's Kieno Kammies to offer their pool table to a worthy cause when it became apparent that, due to the expansion of the printer's factory, there would be no space for it. He says, "Funny how an expansion results in less space for things, but we felt that, rather than putting the pool table on a garbage heap, there had to be an organisation that could derive a benefit from it. We put it out there that the table was available and, together with the radio station, identified the First Community Resource Centre as a cause that is doing so much for those less fortunate than ourselves. The pool table can be put to good use at the centre and will help uplift the lives of many at the centre."

Colourtone Aries was inspired by the radio station's "pay-it-forward" campaign. Wanting to do something positive with the pool table and eight chairs they had available, and following the radio station's philosophy, Ryan Bywater contacted them to seek their help in identifying an organisation that will be able to use the pool table in a way that will improve the quality of life for the people there.

"It was not long after chatting to Kieno Kammies that we were able to go on air again and speak to the First Community Resource Centre and offer them the pool table and eight chairs for them to put to good use at their organisation," continues Ryan, "We are always looking at ways to improve the community in which we operate and like to, not only go beyond the normal donations and initiatives that provide much needed cash, but also provide items that we no longer use or need that go a long way to making other people's lives so much better."

First Community Resource Centre is a non-profit organisation that was started to help alleviate poverty and provide counseling for the community, youth influenced by gangsterism and drugs as well as abused and neglected children. The organisation serves as an elevating influence and encourages people to uplift and develop themselves.

Says Ryan, "Organisations like the First Community Resource Centre play a critical role in uplifting the socio-economic environment in communities and the onus definitely falls on corporate South Africa to take an active role in helping them achieve their objectives. After all, we as businesses draw on the talent in these communities. We can only nurture talent in the community if they are given the opportunity to uplift themselves at grass roots level. Colourtone Aries realises this and that is why we have an active interest in the successful development of our surrounding communities."

Colourtone Aries can be contacted on 021 929 6700, or visit www.colourtonearies.co.za.


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Colourtone Aries
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