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GraphicMail and the Ark Animal Centre spread the 'puppy' love

The Johannesburg-based animal rescue centre and global ESP combine forces to help animals in need.
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As 2013 draws closer to the end, animals in need tend to fall by the wayside...unless they're lucky enough to come under the scope of the Ark Animal Centre. Based in Fourways, the centre focuses primarily on dogs and have built up a very large capacity for sheltering animals until they are adopted. What sets them apart from the rest is their willingness to take on the labour-intensive responsibility of sheltering pregnant female dogs and those with pups as well.

Says Candice Eilertsen, social media and fundraising manager: "We specialise in the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of puppies, pregnant mom's and small breed dogs from all types of backgrounds. We take in puppies from all over Gauteng and we home puppies country wide. We 'homed' 100 dogs in our first 100 days - a first in animal welfare."

As a not for profit organisation, the Ark Animal Centre relies heavily on donations from affected and interested parties and as such, building a solid digital presence in terms of communication and marketing is of cardinal value to their operations. GraphicMail's expertise in the mobile and email marketing field was a perfect match for them, as their packages are easily tailored to organisational requirements and their tools are easy to use.

Said Candice: "I had done extensive research on the different types of emailing systems when I came across GraphicMail. We signed up to 'test it out' and I loved it. The system is so simple and easy to work out. I love the fact that I can easily add our social media links - as a shelter most of our supporters and base is online and having direct links to them is fantastic. Also the fact that I can easily change the images of the templates is AWESOME!"

GraphicMail's NPO-packages offer up to 10,000 free email newsletters per month, allowing not-for-profits to stay in touch with their entire base of supporters and building graphic-rich, beautifully designed email marketing newsletters, with more than 400 templates to choose from. While thousands of free emails offer NPO's and NGO's the ability to connect and engage, they are also able to boost their online presence through a 20% discount on any extra packages purchased that exceed 10,000 emails per month.

While the environment in which non-profits have to operate becomes increasingly terse, GraphicMail pours more than a decade's worth of experience into packages designed specifically to ease the financial burden of digital marketing and let the organisations get down to what is important.

"Graphicmail offers us a quick way to keep all our supporters updated on the goings on in our shelter. If we launch a new campaign or to let them know of an upcoming event of ours, it works fantastically," said Candice.

Posted on 31 Oct 2013 11:38

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Ark Animal Centre
Amazing!!!! Thank you Gerhard! :)
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