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TJDR CT creates a manifesto for Design Indaba attendees

For the eighth consecutive year The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) has developed the brand advertising and design collateral for Cape Town's annual Design Indaba.
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The work covers two main elements: a long term band building campaign, targeted at the designers and creative industry who attend the conference; and a wider communications campaign aimed at the general public who attend the expo only.

The brand building element was based on the brief to encapsulate the Design Indaba's purpose, which is the aim to bring about a better world through creativity. This stems from the belief that people have the ability to look at the world and offer up viable solutions to improve it, and that through tangible objects, the intangible can be brought around. An example would be of helping a community to build a school and through this hope and pride is built.

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The Jupiter Drawing Room's answer was to develop a manifesto, based around the concept that attendees are not 'just designers', but much more than that. The campaign positions the modern designer, rather, as an activist, a reformer, an agitator, a liberator. People who can harvest peace, unity and happiness within a society.

This manifesto was brought to life in the form of a short AV, which was first aired at the conference. It will also be used throughout the remainder of the year in TV spots to drive traffic to the website and continue the build the Design Indaba brand. The concept was extended to visual material around the event, including speaker banners, programmes, posters and ID tags.

An ongoing online brand equity building campaign will be rolled out at a later date, which will work to sustain the Design Indaba brand now that the 2012 event has finished.

The second element of the campaign - that of communicating to the wider audience who attend the expo - ran in the lead up to the event. This consisted of street pole flags and banners, online elements, TV and radio executions, as well as an installation which was set up within the expo itself.

The brief for this element of the campaign was to dispel the misconception that the expo is an exhibition rather than a market. The campaign therefore showed the expo as a shopping experience, encouraging consumers to visit the show and spend, while still retaining the event's status as South Africa's premier creative showcase.

A special mention goes out to all the designers who gave their time and agreed to be included in the film.

Creative Director - Design:Joanne Thomas
Client service:Masha Roginsky
Creatives:Annabel Slingsby, Dale Winton, Alex Hayn, Lucas Van Vuuren
Production:Isabella de Villiers and Janet Baird at Jupiter Drawing Room
Animation and visual effects:Craig Wessels, Magda Roets, Leo Smit and Gavin Coetzee at Wicked Pixels
DOP:Vicky Turpin
Sound:Rob Brinkworth at Resonate

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