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Official proclamation of New7Wonders of Nature in South Africa

The first official inauguration of Table Mountain as one of the New7Wonders of Nature will take place on Saturday 1 December 2012 on Tafelberg Road, at the foot of the mountain. A public inauguration will take place during the City of Cape Town's free concert taking place at the Grand Parade on Sunday 2 December.
Guests will include the New7Wonders Foundation, delegates from the other six sites, the City of Cape Town, Vote for Table Mountain ambassadors and members of the Table Mountain Official Supporters Committee (OSC).

"Table Mountain is a natural feature of our landscape, a symbol of nature's permanence and the majesty and beauty of our environment," said executive mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille. "Its inauguration is a worthy recognition of this symbol that we all own and cherish. This title will also bring tremendous direct economic and socio-economic benefits to our city and our country."

Vibrant procession of floats

Immediately after the concert, a Table Mountain float will join a vibrant procession of floats representing Cape icons, which will travel through the city in the lead up to the moment when Mayor de Lille switches on the Adderley Street's festive lights, marking the start to the holiday season.

"Our mountain being named a New7Wonders of Nature is cause for rejoicing and we hope residents flock to the Grand Parade and Adderley Street to celebrate this incredible achievement," said Sabine Lehmann, chairperson of the Table Mountain OSC. "Each of the sites has hosted celebrations and now it's our turn!"

Table Mountain's status became official after an international audit confirmed the result of a global voting process in May this year. International voting had closed on 11 November 2011 when the provisional sites were announced.

The African icon will be the sixth site to host its inauguration ceremony following the Puerto Princesa Underground River, the Amazon, Komodo Island, Halong Bay and Iguazu Falls. The seventh site, Jeju Island, will host its inauguration ceremony in 2013.

"A benchmark for the globe"

A second plaque will be unveiled in Pretoria on Monday 3 December at Muckleneuk, the headquarters of South African National Parks.

Paddy Gordon, manager of Table Mountain for SA National Parks said the parks sound ecological principles played a vital role in its success in the campaign to be named a New7Wonders of Nature.

"Table Mountain National Park has a broad visitor base as diverse as the biodiversity of the park. As custodians of the park, we understand the relationship between its visitors and the natural environment and manage the park so that we can present all visitors with an ecological system that is a benchmark for the globe."

"It is wonderful to receive acknowledgement from the people of the globe for the work we do in maintaining the delicate ecology of our wondrous mountain."

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