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Making it happen with Charlotte

Charlotte Maja is a key Integrated Employee Engagement (IEE) Producer at Blue Moon, working hand in hand with one of the business's oldest clients. Cool under pressure and described by one of her colleagues as "a class act", Charlotte shared some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of an IEE Conference with us.

How long have you been at Blue Moon, and what do you do?

I started on 18 February 2008, so 2013 will be the Big Five - AKA more leave days!
I'm a hard worker at Blue Moon, and my formal title is Senior Producer - Integrated Employee Engagement.

You recently finished a top-level executive conference - what did it entail?

It was for 94 people, including the CEO, and ran from 18 to 21 September - but we had an 18-day set-up. It was held at Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge in the North West Province.

What was the concept around the conference?

We went back to basics with the theme "Down to Earth", adopting a less formal concept to align with being out in the bush. It was very different from your average "conference room and flip charts" set up. We had outdoor activities, conversation topic working boards, a treasure hunt, bush drive, drumming sessions and quite exclusive evening entertainment!

It sounds intense!

My preparations actually started five months before the conference. During our time at Kwa Maritane I oversaw all the venue and accommodation details and liaised with the performers, etc. The success of the event actually hinged on everyone sticking to the finely planned details in my call sheet. So, it was all of that, with a wonderful team working with me.

We heard rumours of a Johnny Clegg performance?

Indeed, what a legend. His show was priceless!

On a huge job like this, what are the challenges?

Trying to get enough sleep and remembering to eat well.

What makes it so worthwhile?

Seeing top-level strategy evolve with our assistance, and the feedback received after the event.

How important is your relationship with the client?

It's critical that we are on the same page. Fortunately, my client is as passionate about excellence as I am. Plus, my colleagues and suppliers are super-important - we work as one team.

You are also involved in other areas of production, internally, at Blue Moon...

Yes, I am part of our Corporate Social Investment team, involved in Employee Equity and I often shop for gifts - my favourite pastime!

How do you manage work-life balance in such a fast-paced environment?

Actually, I don't know any different. I've been in this kind of environment from day one of my working life.

You have a little boy, how has motherhood changed you?

I have a good support system - both at home and at work. Personally, my priorities changed! My son is my life! My work life functions around good planning.

How do you relax at the end of a long event or campaign?

I get home and cook a scrumptious dinner or bake - plus take a long bath!

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