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The RSVP Agency launches The Ultimate Guide to Event Décor 2014

The last few years have seen corporate events evolve from drab, dull affairs into spectacular experiences. Guests now expect to be impressed the moment they walk through the door, right up until the event comes to an end. The corporate events that make a lasting impression on guests are those that use innovative, forward-thinking elements that continually surprise and delight.
The RSVP Agency have compiled The Ultimate Guide to Event Décor 2014, to assist event planners in creating world-class events that impress their guests and clients. We've scoured the globe to identify the corporate event décor trends that are currently taking centre stage.

Paying adequate attention to event décor is crucial.

Not only does it need to communicate the identity of a brand in a way that's visually appealing, it needs to emphasise a level of professionalism too. As well as conveying the tone and personality of a company, event décor provides event planners with an opportunity to showcase their skill at orchestrating a memorable experience. Planners who're able to achieve this, position themselves as masters of multi-faceted professional events.

The Ultimate Guide to Event Décor 2014 examines some of the international décor trends that are currently enchanting corporate guests around the world.

We've included nine trends in all, ranging from the futuristic, to the eco-friendly. The one thing that all of these décor trends have in common is their ability to cater to the senses, and in turn, establish an emotional connection with guests.

Event décor is being heavily influenced by technology - from interactive installations to social media integration - and everything in between. Another current favourite on the event décor circuit is the use of light in surprising and creative ways. Illuminated backdrops, entrances and even waterfalls have been seen at high-profile corporate events across the globe. An increased emphasis on eco-awareness has seen many décor elements become inspired by mother nature as brands search for ways to lessen the environmental impact of their events.

Event décor trends are always in flux, which means that it's the event planners responsibility to keep up with times, or risk turning clients and guests off due to their out-dated décor.

Bear in mind that every single facet of an event needs to be put together in a way that encourages an emotive experience. Regardless of whether you're managing an intimate dinner for VIPs, a gala dinner for hundreds of employees, or a corporate conference for international attendees, your event décor has to impress.

If you would like to download your free copy of the e-book click here or keep up to date with the latest in the world of corporate event planning by reading our blog.

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