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Meet the speaker: Lorne Sulcas

Born in Cape Town, Lorne Sulcas worked as a game ranger-guide for six years in the Greater Kruger National Park area, spending over two decades observing and studying Africa's great wildlife as well as photographing and guiding in wildlife reserves and national parks throughout Southern and East Africa.
Lorne Sulcas
Lorne has incorporated his years of experience and observances in the wild into an insightful and powerful keynote which exposes his audiences to issues such as teamwork, change, sustainability, productivity and competition - 'Thriving in a Wild World' shares simple but powerful lessons that everyone can learn from Africa's three big cats who prevail in a competitive and challenging environment on a daily basis.

After working as a game ranger, Lorne pursued the dream of professional speaking whilst in the USA:

"I started beating the streets, finding companies who would pay me to hear what I had to say about what we can learn from wildlife."

After eight years of experience in the industry, Lorne believes that his admiration for the "skill and art of really impactful, powerful speakers" inspired him to become a professional speaker and that "Seeing people being helped by your message" is one of the many aspects that Lorne enjoys whilst speaking to numerous groups, companies and organisations.

Lorne is a two-time past champion of the Area Level Evaluation Speech Competition of Toastmasters South Africa and in 2013, he won the division level to ultimately finish third overall in the Africa district 74. He has won multiple local and international awards and competitions for his photography, including two Associateship Honours to the Photographic Society of Southern Africa, with his photos published in books, magazines and calendars in South Africa, Europe and the USA.

He believes that his success to date can be accredited to "perseverance and commitment to constant improvement." He always pushes himself hard on the work front and he believes that there "is always something that one can work on... Dream big then go and put in the work to make it happen."

Some things that you may not know about Lorne:
    - Lorne would be a comedian if he did not pursue his dream of being a professional speaker - "I love to make people laugh though it takes a gift!"
    - The song that best describes Lorne: 'It's been a hard day's night (and I have been working like a dog' - The Beatles.
    - Growing up as a child, he was very involved in sport and extra murals - "I hated the academic side of high school... I was frequently called into the headmaster's office to be told that I was not 'reaching my academic potential'."
    - Lorne's celebrity crushes: Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz or Michelle Pfeiffer.
    - Lorne watches sport and the occasional 'Amazing Race' episode with his kids, otherwise he reads... a lot... "So many books, so little time!"
    - In his spare time, he swims "religiously" - three to four times a week (when he is not travelling), he loves photography, surfing, reading but he says that "finding the time to actually do it, is quite another!"
    - If Lorne was the head chef for a team selected for Iron Chef, here's how he would instruct his team"

    "I would instruct the team that I will be personally responsible for all quality control (tasting) and that all dishes must be prepared with the one food stuff that contains all the major food groups: chocolate. The leverage comes from the strategy that people will be sufficiently jealous about how much chocolate I get to eat that they will flock to my restaurant."

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