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Meet the MC: Graham Jenneker

An investment manager at Investec, Graham Jenneker was named 'South Africa's Ultimate Survivor' of M-net's Survivor South Africa: Champions.
"There is something about facing your own challenges that can be inspiring to other people. It is about surviving the future and preparing yourself for it, leading your life with a game plan. It requires a heart filled with courage and the endurance to be a winner, to be the best, to be on top."

Born in Cape Town, Graham was a child that was always interested in sports and made friends with all of the other kids: "I'd like to believe that I had the best childhood possible, always playing outside, I had a great group of friends, just a lot of fun as a child should be having," he says.

With a B.Com Law and Finance as well as a LLB Degree behind his name, he is currently studying towards his third degree in Accounting and he has recently been promoted as a Junior Investment Manager.

Graham's career started at Nedbank as part of their graduate program and he managed to work his way 'up' from 'graduate' to 'manager' in less than three years: "This was extremely hard for me so I understand how the corporate world works and what they look for."

He believes that he would be a businessman if it weren't for his current corporate career and being involved in the professional speaking and MC'ing circuit; "I would love to own my own business, ideally as a pro sportsman... that shipped has sailed so I need to start working on my golf swing," he says.

Graham believes that you should "know your audience" and to "make sure that your delivery is in a manner in which they understand and can relate to" should you want to pursue a career in this particular industry. "Don't make it about you..." he says. To him, "delivering a meaningful and inspiring message" is what he enjoys most. "Pressure can sometimes come up, but a little bit of nerves is always good."

He doesn't believe that there is a specific formula to success: "It's about determination, passion and perseverance, but everybody measures success differently."

Graham is never satisfied with his work; he always tries to improve on things, pushing himself as hard as he can: "I believe there is nothing worse than not achieving what you are capable of."

Some things you may not know about Graham:
    - He grew up in Belhar until the age of 12 years old when he moved to Stellenridge.
    - His quote used most often: 'Carpe Diem'.
    - His favourite TV shows are Suits and The Blacklist.
    - He loves playing soccer, volleyball, trail running, basketball and trying out any new social activity.
    - He is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.
    - He sleeps, studies, exercises and socialises in his spare time (when he has some).
    - He believes that the public has not seen his 'OCD' side, but he is also very compassionate.
    - The 'War March' song describes his work ethic


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