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Virgin Active's 'RAK' nomination event

The previously infamous NEK nomination has been turned on its head to help out those less fortunate. RAK nominations (Random Acts of Kindness) are a great example of viral volunteering.
14th March 2014, marked the day that Virgin Active, with help from the ECHO team set out on their random act of kindness at the Orion Organisation Home in Atlantis, on the outer edge of Cape Town. Orion Organisation provides the necessary education and training to those who live in the community of Atlantis, living with physical, mental, intellectual and neurological disabilities.

The day was divided into two parts the first session was set up in the children, elderly and profoundly disabled sections of the facility. The children had their faces painted and participated in the Club V activity 'Twisty Tails'. The elderly and profoundly disabled residents enjoyed a morning of stretching followed by a dance performance from the Virgin Active Angels, which the Orion caretakers were invited to participate in.

The afternoon session saw a sports gala-like atmosphere set up on the Orion Astroturf field. Everyone at Orion had a fantastic afternoon of dancing and fun. The Virgin Active Angels handed out caps, water bottles and Energade and helped to show everyone partaking that they can be active and have fun at the same time.

For a clip on Virgin Active's 'RAK' event, please click the link

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