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How high-end liquor brands can leverage the power of digital

High-end liquor brands enjoy a very particular following based on the wonderful mixing of the brand's actual product and the lovingly crafted image associated with the brand. High-end liquor such as whiskeys, cognac and premium brandy are associated with images of wealth and sophistication, but are often enjoyed by a wide array of people from all walks of life. By tapping into digital marketing these brands can expect to further cement and grow brand awareness while boosting sales considerably.

Digital liquor

Studies have shown that alcohol brands are particularly well received online and in the digital world in general. Fans of the product often view it as a lifestyle product that adds to their identity rather than a product that is merely consumed. Because digital channels such as social media is so closely linked with online identity construction, it becomes essential for brands to ensure that their digital presence is not only obvious but well managed.

Social media

A recent study conducted by Sparkler confirmed that not only were high LSM consumers using Facebook - many were regular users that enjoyed and sought out brand engagement. This means that brands that are targeting these groups but fail to establish their social media presence will most certainly be losing out. Social media profiles allow brands to tell the 'story' behind their business - which works particularly well for liquor where a back-story and interesting history is part of their allure. Here brand identity can be utilised to its full extent while simultaneously allowing brands the opportunity to connect with consumers.

Email marketing

Email marketing and database rental is without a doubt one of the best channels available to high-end liquor brands. By making use of a profiled, managed database email campaigns can effectively target specific groups of subscribers - particularly the high LSM group. Email allows prestigious brands to shine - with beautiful interactive HTML designs that catches the eye and captures the imagination. Consumers that receive communications from these brands are more than twice as likely to perform any action that is called for because of the brand loyalty that these special products inspire.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has long been associated with a more basic, cost-effective form of marketing and while this is certainly the case for many simpler campaigns such as SMS, the landscape of mobile is changing fast. The rise in popularity of smart phones has seen the consumer demand for dedicated brand apps and sophisticated mobile experience increase dramatically.

High-end liquor brands can stand to gain a lot by establishing themselves on the digital front. As more and more consumers - including the high earners and high LSM groups - move into the digital era, brands will need to think about how their distinguished brands will be managed and marketed in the online world.

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