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Student Brands Money Matters magazine

If you feel you do not have enough money, well welcome to student life. You hardly ever have enough money for all the things you want and yet you still have a way of getting it because you are a student and you have to be taken care of.
Students spend over R40bn per year. If you are a student you should be happy for having a share of this much money and if you are not then you better start asking yourself where your money is going to.

Which brings us to the question; do you know how to spend the money you get? Do you do a list of your needs and wants because most times you forget the most important stuff if you do not jot them down, or do you just go out there and buy what you think you need without checking which is more important?

Money is a big part of a student's life and, simply put, one can never have enough of it. That is why we at Student Brands bring you our latest magazine issue for finance titled Money Matters which will include all you need to know about spending your money, saving your money and even how important it is to start investing in your future right now.

Another big issue which has a lot of students confused is the option of choosing a bank account to suit their needs. It is never easy to know which bank to go for so we bring you the best option by far; a bank that is student friendly and, not forgetting, with so many apps available for almost anything these days, we pick our top (free, of course!) money apps. While on the subject of free - we explore the relevance of a free market economy in our democracy.

In our cover story we take a look at the ultimate showpiece of conduct and beauty - the Miss South Africa pageant. The entries for the 2015 pageant are open, and we share details about how to enter and the nationwide campus tour during which Miss SA 2014, Rolene Strauss (our gorgeous cover girl) and Miss South Africa National Executive, Melinda Bam will share first-hand what being Miss SA is all about and the world of possibilities it can provide. It's a full-time job, but somebody beautiful has to do it - will you be next?

The reigning queen in her crown, along with her princesses, will be hitting your campus soon just to educate you a little so you can gain that confidence to place your entry and, who knows - you could be one of the finalists! Who doesn't want to be the talk of the town, or better yet, the country? And it's not all talk but inspiring and giving life to the next person. Live the motto "Be the change you want to see in the world".

As always we want to help you smile a little - even though your bank balance is looking a bit like an onion when you cut through it (always making you want to cry) - let us wipe those tears away with the latest competition we have running. You can enter and win awesome prizes like Truworths vouchers just in time for summer so you can change that wardrobe look, a ticket combo for bungee jumping at Orlando Towers, and lots more cool giveaways.

Student Brands is for the student and, as much as students matter to us, money matters to all of us so how you spend it will also determine your future.


Student Brands' press office

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