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Student Brands - the Smart Issue is here

Judging by this issue the future looks bright and high-tech for South Africa's sparkling young minds - our students!
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We catch up with Mandla Maseko, affectionately dubbed the 'Afronaut', as he prepares to become the first black African to venture into space - truly inspirational stuff! On the subject of space we take a look at real rocket men and women at work, building game-changing hybrid rockets. Plus, we follow the techie students who are pioneering South African space exploration, albeit on a mini scale, with their CubeSat.

Then we bring the space to earth with the MeerKAT radio telescope, which forms part of the giant SKA (Square Kilometre Array) project. The data collected will give mankind never before seen insights into the universe's darkest secrets.

A group of big-thinking UKZN students are also harnessing their combined mind power to build the perfect solar car to harness the sun's energy, so they can speed to victory in the annual Sasol Solar Challenge.

We also search the globe for the latest gadgets, games and super-hot gaming consoles. And our giveaways can't get any hotter!

Now there only remains one thing to do, the smart thing - get your hands on the Student Brands Smart Issue.


Student Brands' press office

Student Brands
The largest youth portal in South Africa. We deliver brand building and motivate student buying behaviour through unique and unrivalled interactive marketing and communicating platforms. Making us the best youth marketing specialists in South Africa