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Wealthy South Africans home in on astute investment intelligence

REAL ESTATE magazine understands the motivations and behaviour of the world's top-end buyers and delivers content that speaks directly to these investment pacesetters.
Wealthy South Africans home in on astute investment intelligence - Real Estate Magazine

Creating wealth, it seems, is hardwired into us as a species. Despite the global economy still suffering from the aftershocks of the financial crisis, the total number of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) around the world is increasing once more. So show the results of the most recent Knight Frank Wealth Report, widely recognised as the leading commentary on annual wealth distribution around the world.

And, while wealth creation is booming in the emerging world, residential property continues to appeal to the world's wealthy. According to the Report, high-end investors are always drawn to prime residential and commercial property in relatively risk-free locations, particularly in times of economic and political turbulence (there being something comforting about tangible assets that, barring natural disaster, will retain their inherent value over time). 'As this "flight to safety" accelerates globally, it is helping to drive up prices in the most sought-after locations; so much so that certain governments are desperately trying to limit price growth and deflate nascent real-estate bubbles before they explode," explains Liam Bailey, Global Head of Residential Research at Knight Frank.

The desire to acquire

This search for safety has also seen the popularity of art, fine wines and other 'investments of passion' increase. While the wealthy have always enjoyed collecting precious or interesting objects, often on an epic scale, the desire to acquire has become even more widespread following rapid wealth creation in emerging markets (China's Hurun Report, for instance, shows that 64% of that country's millionaires are currently building collections).

Investments of passion, such as art, wine and classic cars, occupy a unique and fascinating niche that combines aspects of luxury spending with collecting and investing, and The Wealth Report's Luxury Investment Index, which is based on the weighted performance of existing indices for nine classes of 'collectable asset', reveals just how well some of these asset classes have performed.

Investment intelligence

As a property-focused title aimed at a market of high-net-worth individuals, REAL ESTATE investigates these and other trends specific to the world's HNWIs. A special excerpt of the 2013 Wealth Report was reprinted in the November 2013 issue, while the December-January edition featured an insightful exposé on the burgeoning market for classic cars in South Africa. And, in its February issue, REAL ESTATE looks at the enormous thirst, both locally and abroad, for investing in fine wine.

Aimed at a discerning readership which extends beyond the purely property-focused to those with purchasing power in the luxury-products realm, REAL ESTATE, the flagship title of he country's largest property publishing house, PA Media, delivers a stylish mix of info-dense special reports, expert insights, invaluable renovating and decorating inspiration and listings of unmissable investment real estate, including a Luxury Homes of the World section: a carefully curated collection of the most coveted international real-estate offerings on the market.

Says CEO Shaun Minnie: 'Content-wise, REAL ESTATE, and its online adjunct, caters to a captive audience of high net-worth homeowners and investors in South Africa. This, along with a targeted distribution model, means we reach readers with significant disposable income in key regions. It's easy to see, then, why advertisers view the title as an ideal platform to reach top-end buyers.'

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