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Tackling the monster - Integrated reporting workshops help you defeat it bit by bit

It's early in the year - the perfect time to think about ticking that integrated/annual report off your list. Before you know it, you'll be up to your eyeballs in projects, plans and all sorts of mayhem, so this may well be your only time to tackle the monster.
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Enter integrated reporting workshops!


It pretty much comes in two main forms – International Integrated Reporting (IIR) and Integrated Report Compilation sessions (IRC).

The IIR session is intended for CEOs and CFOs and focuses on changing the way they think about a business, changing the way they strategise for a business, and changing the way they report on that business. This is for the people who need to understand the benefits that integrated reporting can bring to an organisation, and who are not necessarily directly involved in the preparation of the report. The four main competencies identified in the International Reporting Framework are:
  • Integrated Reporting: a vision for a better corporate information
  • Integrated Thinking: the creation of value over time
  • Integrated Report: communicating the value creation
  • Implementation of Integrated Reporting: financial management to value management

The IRC Workshop is focused on the people who are tasked with pulling all the content together and making a less complex, more relevant document that meets all the requirements of an integrated report.

This is most likely the one you should consider.


Well, ask yourself: how comfortable am I with King IV™? Am I familiar with the 17 principles? Do I understand the difference between outputs and outcomes? Do I know what capitals my business should be reporting on? This is just the tip of iceberg, of course, but if you’re already thrown, a workshop might be just what you’re looking for.

Getting to grips with all the intricacies that make up integrated reporting is your starting point. From there you’ll need to know how to cut the clutter and how to weave a golden thread through your content so that your entire story hangs together as it’s made up of narrative, numbers and pictures.


IRC sessions should start with the big picture to give you an overview of the world of integrated reporting. From there you need to master King IV™ and its many, but entirely useful, guidelines. You also need to understand how this kind of framework benefits a business, because after all, King IV™ isn’t just in place to make you produce a fancy report. The report is simply the result of the good governance and guidelines put forward.

Then you need to find out how to build your integrated reporting framework according to the fundamental concepts found in IIR. After all, every business is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all template to follow. This is when you consider your content elements and think about how to convey them.

Compiling the report comes next. This is where the value of top-notch training comes in. By helping you take everything that you know about your organisation, everything you now know about integrated reporting and combining this with all the content that needs to appear in your report. The design of the report, the language you use, your tone and style, your image and infographic choices, your brand application.

No one expects you to defeat the behemoth all by yourself. So call in the troops, arm yourself and tame the beast that is your Integrated Report. 

Blue Apple has been producing and designing company reports since 1999. 

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