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Customer Experience World returns to Johannesburg

Customer Experience World, themed 'being good to customers is good for business', returns to Johannesburg on 25 and 26 March 2014 for its third year. The event will build on its previous success, bringing the same mix of excellent speakers, interactive sessions and practical next steps on how organisations can improve their customer experience.

Previously known as International Customer Experience World (ICEW) it will build on its success in recent years.

Following a global trend of customer empowerment through social media and the growth in the influence of customer reviews, customer experience is set to become one of the hot business topics of 2014. In South Africa legislation such as Treating Customer's Fairly (TCF) is poised to drive changes throughout the financial industry with other industries soon to follow.

Many leading companies such as Groupon, Virgin Mobile, Eskom and Telkom SA will be speaking at the two day event.

The event is organised by The Focus Group limited who specialise in bringing customer experience events to locations around the world. Director, Maggie Wheeler explains why customer experience has grown so rapidly as a discipline.

"The customer experience can be defined as the sum of all interactions between a company and its customers, so it is something which has always been there but developments in recent years have made companies take note."

"The growth in the availability of information about products and services online is having a growing effect on customer decisions with 90% of customers saying their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. When those customers make a purchase, social media is allowing them the opportunity to share their experience instantly to a huge audience, encouraging companies to get it right or risk a public backlash."

"This year our theme is: being good to customers is good for business. Through our expert speakers and interactive sessions we will explore how customer experience represents an opportunity for companies. Keynote speakers from companies such as Groupon, Virgin Mobile, Eskom and Telkom will show how improving the customer experience has benefitted their business."

"Customer experience knowledge is growing rapidly in South Africa with many local experts represented amongst our speakers. I see this as only the beginning as more and more South African companies are recognising the importance and potential of customer experience."

Customer Experience World Johannesburg is taking place on 25 and 26 March 2014.

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