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How is this for value for money?

Bizcommunity has shown some signal improvement and expansions in the last year widening and growing audience on the back of numerous developments in new industries and social media opportunities.
Significant new user groups have been created on a mobile platform, expanding content exposure and a major dialogue around Bizcommunity content has developed on the Mxit platform.

Over and above this the online audience has grown strongly and the number of pages they now read and the time they spend online at Bizcommunity has expanded.

All of this means good news to banner advertisers (great exposure at ever-reducing cost), Press Office holders (more readers, wider distribution of content across multiple platforms), as well as users of all forms of online advertising.

This growth, wider exposure, and reducing cost are also reflected in newsletter subscriptions across the board.

The core marketing products (SA and Rest of Africa) have shown solid growth in subscriptions with a large marketing push to encourage further increases in the pipeline.

As part of our fundamental strategy of expansion into key industries we have launched 16 new vertical communities with solid uptake and similar marketing programmes due for launch imminently. A further 17 are planned in the next quarter. This has had significant benefit for job advertisers.

To further benefit job advertisers, Bizcommunity formed an association with industry veteran to provide a tailored job opportunities section to its significant user base.

Once again these came without any increase in cost to the advertiser.

However, pressures being what they are, some prices have to rise in this new financial year for Bizcommunity.

We have endeavoured to keep them all in single figures and in some areas will show no increase at all.

Press Offices rise by less than 10 percent to R15 200 a year, which includes 12 releases to our 400 000-strong user base online and the 265 000 newsletter subscribers.

The recruiter package with its unlimited online jobs postings rises by a similar single figure percentage to R16 800 from R15 500.

The only other significant increase is in once-off press releases, which rises to R1815.

Production remains an added value service.

In all, Bizcommunity is keeping its increase below single figures. Across the basket of offerings it is below inflation and will be supported by significant marketing drives designed to grow audience and continuously reduce the cost of reaching Bizcommunity's desirable user base.

For more information about the product offerings and prices please contact or any of our fabulous digital account managers: Charlene (), Gerald (), Graeme (), Tamer (), Wayne (), Dries () or Riaan ().

- Robin Parker
Managing Director

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