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Voice your opinion in the 2014 Women24 Female Nation Survey

Female-focused website, Women24, is inviting women across the country to participate in their annual Female Nation Survey.
Aiming to gain insight into the minds of South African women, the online and mobile-based survey covers a wide range of topics including life, love, sex, politics, finance and relationships. Participants who complete the survey in full stand the chance to win R3,000 cash and other prizes.

"We are trying to engage as many women as possible, in order to achieve a truly accurate reflection of the views of an average South African woman," says Women24 editor, Lili Radloff. "Women are so often silenced and unrepresented, that we believe this is the perfect platform to bring their opinions to light."

With our outlooks shifting on a daily basis, the annual Female Nation Survey asks questions relevant to today, and as a result never fails to uncover fascinating insights. The 2013 results, for instance, revealed that 62% of women feel limited in their careers, whilst a surprising 30% have had an affair. Find more of last year's results at

"We are so excited to meet the South African women of 2014," adds Radloff.

For more information and to complete the survey, visit


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