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Tumblr Sponsored Posts now promoted on Yahoo

Tumblr has always provided a creative canvas with limitless expression that attracts the culturally curious - the best place on the web for creators and marketers. In fact, over the last two years, marketers have invested in Tumblr and contributed content as beautiful and diverse as the posts from our independent creators and editors.
Today, we're excited to help marketers elevate their brand stories in a much bigger way. For the first time, content from Tumblr Sponsored Posts will be seamlessly promoted across Yahoo and Tumblr, which reach more than 800 million average monthly visitors. Tumblr Sponsored Posts are now integrated and available through Yahoo Gemini, the industry's only marketplace where advertisers can buy mobile search and native advertising.

Sponsored Posts will still feature the same native engagements that brands greatly value (like, reblog and follow). Through Yahoo Gemini, now the same posts - articles, images or videos - can be promoted through native ads across Yahoo's content streams, article pages, image galleries and digital magazines, on desktop, mobile and tablets. Yahoo's data makes it easy for brands to reach the right audiences at scale with seamless, impactful native ads that drive engagement.

Some of the world's favorite brands are already working with Tumblr and Yahoo to tell their brand stories, such as Lionsgate's (NYSE: LGF) Capitol Couture destination to promote "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1," the next chapter of The Hunger Games trilogy. Tapping into the artful black and white photography community, Lexus prompts people to "Send them a Signal," while Lipton challenges consumers to #BeMoreTea.

We've always believed in the power of creative brand storytelling, and data shows that advertising is more memorable and impactful when it is as good as the content around it. A recent case study across Yahoo and Tumblr showed that when people viewed content marketing, unaided brand awareness increased by 40 percent; brand consideration grew 31 percent; and tagline recognition increased by 100 percent.*

* Source: Yahoo & Tumblr Ipsos Content Marketing Case Study, June 2014


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Mike Kerns is Senior Vice President of Homepage and Verticals and Lee Brown, Global Head of Brand Partnerships for Tumblr.

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