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An online paparazzi feast - a first for South Africa

Channel24, South Africa's biggest celebrity gossip website, is the first local website to introduce a section solely dedicated to local and international paparazzi pictures.
Channel24 readers will now be able to freely access the very latest paparazzi images, which were previously predominantly reserved for glossy magazines. The pictures are accompanied by celebrity gossip and fashion trends to keep readers up to date with the latest and greatest news from a South African perspective.

Channel24 has given celebrity gossip a local boost by providing readers with a front row seat to the lives of the hottest and most talked about international and local celebrities. From who was seen with whom, to who was wearing what, readers will now be able to stay up to date with the freshest gossip, without having to buy expensive magazines or browse international platforms.

Says Channel24 Editor, Herman Eloff, "We want readers to have a local website that gives them everything international sites do plus more. We will also be introducing a local offering and put a proudly South African spin on all the glitz and glam of the entertainment world. Our readers will have access to all the latest celebrity content absolutely free. Mahala!"

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