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What is Google up to?

Google has been buying companies left right and centre in the past decade. At first glance one might think that Google, much like most companies, just wants to expand and make more money. This might be true but Google isn't any ordinary company.
Google is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. To put this into perspective, consider this: On 17 August 2013 some of Google's services went offline for only two minutes. This resulted in a 40% dip in all internet traffic. That's how big this company is.

Now, having a closer look at some of its more notable purchases reveals something quite interesting

Android (17 August 2005 - $15m)

Android is currently the most popular operation system for mobile devices. The best part of Android is it's open source nature. Not only is it used on phones, it is being used on anything from household appliances to cars, and even all the way to satellites.

Motorola Mobility (15 August 2011 - $12.5bn)

In a move to get into the mobile hardware market, Google purchased Motorola when it was experiencing financial problems. Interestingly Google then later sold Motorola to Lenovo for $2.9 billion. This makes it seem as if Google's interests lay elsewhere.
Some speculators say that Google only acquired Motorola to protect themselves from their court case against Apple through patents they then held. That being said, Google is now a player in the mobile market. One of the fastest (if not THE fastest growing) sector in tech.

Boston Dynamics (10 December 2013 - cost unknown)

This is by far the most exciting Google purchase.

This company is at the forefront of robotics technology. This acquisition means that Google now owns some of the most advanced robotics technology in the world.

Nest Labs (13 January 2014 - $3.2bn)

Nest Labs created some very beautiful smart thermostats and smoke detectors as part of their goal to create smart and conscious home. Of course Google is going to help them do that in a very big way. We may eventually see a home powered by Android and Google Now.

Imagine that, an intuitive home, energy conscious and smart.

Deep Mind (26 January 2014)

Another very exciting purchase by Google. This would be Google's first artificial intelligence company acquisition.

Deep Mind can be described as world class ground-breaking technology on the cutting edge of machine learning. This company has patents in software that looks at images, figuring out what is in the images within context and without having a human to help. This is essentially software that thinks in a critical manner. It is still in its early stages, but so far is the best that we know of.

Also, Google is involved in one of the world's first commercially available quantum computers.

Now, putting all of these acquisitions together, one begins to see a pretty interesting picture. It seems that Google is slowly putting the best and most advanced technologies together under one banner.

Think about it. Imagine a home powered by an artificially intelligent machine. Supercomputers that are available for the common user and not just large institutions or universities.

This is something to think about. The future of technology is very exciting.


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WOW! A whole article to tell us that Google is a big company. WOW! My life is complete now. 360eight are clearly a bunch of geniuses.
Posted on 29 Apr 2014 15:52