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Simple social media campaign do's and don'ts

With the continuing growth of social media and the impact it can have on your business it is no longer just a nice-to-have add on to your growing business. It has become a must have as it creates a platform for you to communicate with existing and potential clients, create awareness of services and products that you offer and create a personalised experience unique to every client.
A social media strategy is key when it comes to social media marketing but keep in mind that having a bad social media strategy can be worse than having none at all. Simply throwing time and money at personnel will not do the trick. A strategy must be aligned closely with your business and the target along with the outcome of the campaign and should be made clear at the very beginning.

Here are a few do's and don'ts that should always be kept in mind when creating a strategy.

What to do:
  1. Monitor the social media platforms you will be using.

    Monitoring discussions on all the platforms of your brand and those of the competitors will determine the value of the platform and exactly what factors are influencing your brand. Platforms like LinkedIn require a more formal tone whereas Twitter and Facebook are more informal and thrive on discussions between fans.

  2. Set goals and priorities.

    Don't try to do everything. It is very important to understand what matters and what does not. Discussions relating to products and services carry more weight than opinionated discussions that do not require feedback.

  3. Provide consistent content.

    Plan your content along with copy that will be used alongside it. Simply dabbling for the sake of posting two times a day will not fool your followers and fans and you might slowly start losing them.

  4. Have a clear understanding what you are using social media for.

    Decide beforehand whether you will be using the platform for sharing new products and services i.e. being outward facing. If that is the case you should consider whether using social media is the right platform for you. Social media is ideal if you want to use it as a platform to engage your fans/followers and allow them to have discussions among themselves.
What not to do:
  1. Think social media is just a phase.

    Even though the initial excitement about social media has died down does not mean that it will pass. Social media has become a standard in the online world and you should not think that you can wait it out until the idea of social media has passed.

  2. Forget the importance of the audience.

    The fans and followers are the ones that make your campaign a success or not. The strategy should be built around what your audience likes and what drives discussions and engagement.

  3. Determine a strategy in isolation.

    The whole company including creative, copywriting, PR and social media must be involved in setting up a social media campaign and strategy. This will ensure that the strategy reflects your entire business.
When social media is used correctly it can be a powerful tool. With this comes responsibility and planning. When these simple do's and don'ts are kept in mind you will soon be reaping the rewards.


About Britta Dahms

I am an Industrial Design graduate and received my diploma in 2012 from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, CPUT, in Cape Town. I currently specialise in Social Media and Digital marketing and includes Content Marketing and Design

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