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SA's first lifestyle mobi site for Muslim women launched

Modest Muse is South Africa's first fashion and lifestyle mobi site aimed at Muslim women in South Africa. This new site covers a range of subjects in the areas of inspiration, fashion, the self, family, community, décor, beauty, recipes, careers, parenting and marriage.
SA's first lifestyle mobi site for Muslim women launched - Media24 Digital Magazines
"Modest Muse encourages and advises women on how to do things in a way that is permissible (Halal)," says Mushra Hartley, the editor of Modest Muse at Media24 Digital Magazines. "How to overcome issues and obstacles faced daily by Muslim women living, learning, working and parenting in Western society, whilst still trying to uphold their devotion to Islam, is also covered by Modest Muse," says Hartley.

New content is uploaded daily. This includes:
  • Tips on fashion, scarf styling, décor, make-up and lots more
  • A daily Salah fact or tip, showing its significance
  • A verse taken from the Quran with a short explanation of its context and application
  • A holy place for travel or worship, including some historical facts
  • Daily inspirations to uplift and motivate the reader
  • A "We Like" section featuring, books, blogs, personal stories and a lot more
  • Reviving Sunnah, featuring a practice of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with some insights into how and why to practise it today
  • A recipes section where Cape Malay and Indian cooking styles are the inspiration for most of the recipes.
  • Home, family and career tips aimed at moms juggling a job with family life and searching for the ideal work-life balance. Practical advice for women building their careers, whether they are moms or not. All tips are provided within the confines of being a Muslim woman in Western society
  • A question and answer section, covering queries on whether something is allowed or not. This includes answers from credible sources
Modest Muse understands the unique challenges faced by Muslim women. We want to assure them that the real goal is not to make compromises to fit in, but rather to stand out and inspire: to embrace their life, their faith and whatever circumstances they are in and be their best and happiest self.

"Modest Muse has been created for Muslim women, by Muslim women, to enlighten, teach, inspire and educate them every single day with quality content," concludes Mushra.

Modest Muse is also available on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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