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Calling all graduates

Ad Talent was invited to talk on the Redi Thlabi show on 702 on Wednesday 27th. We were asked to offer some tips to assist graduates in trying to secure that very first job - a daunting task.
A number of graduates were interviewed to spotlight their struggle to find employment. It was clear that a growing number of graduates are now taking on menial and unskilled jobs such as waiters, clerks and office assistants or relying on their families to support them.

To all graduates out there:

Keep positive.
Approach job hunting as a fulltime exercise.
Mentally prepare yourselves for a few disappointments along the way before the right job comes along.
Don't give up.
Somebody will give you an opportunity.

It is important to understand that the competition for jobs is fierce. The company you are targeting is also being targeted by tens, maybe hundreds of other similarly qualified people, so you need to make sure you stand out in the crowd and that you are accurate in your application. This is the advice that our senior consultant, Roisin McCarthy, gave the 702 listeners on air:
  • Create a solid brand for yourselves. Make use of social media, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
  • Tighten up your interview skills. Involve your family and friends and role play the interview scenario. (See our website for interview tips)
  • Target the companies for which you'd like to work and construct your CV accordingly
  • Do your research thoroughly. Address your correspondence to the correct person by name and not "Dear Sir/Madam" or "Hi there"
  • Attach a short, concise, interesting cover letter to grab immediate attention. Never ever send your cv without a covering letter
  • Do not cc anybody else on the same correspondence
  • Call in all your contacts - your uncle's neighbour, your friend's father's cousin Network, network, network
  • Absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors
  • Highlight leadership roles and achievements you may have held during school and university. Include your involvement in any community work
"No matter how small you start, always dream big." - Stephen Richards.

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