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I'd rather be surfing

I love surfing, paragliding and making music. At age 30 I realised that I was not talented enough to make a living doing the things I love. Read Shock & Denial, Anger & Depression, Release & Honour and finally Returning to Love... But a different kind of love and only much later.
After spending my early twenties in garages making avant-garage music (playable but unlistenable) and my late twenties playing around at paragliding sites and surf spots, on various continents, sleeping in mountain cabins and on couches of various friends living close to surf spots, I had to get a job. Now in my mind there is only one thing more undignified than having a job and that is not having one (when you need one). I speak from experience here.

Not everybody can do what they love, so most people end up doing what they can, to get by. Who would you want to employ?

The Disney Company says you must hire the attitude and train the skills. It is great advice and those who can do that. (Blue Moon does a great job in the talent attraction sphere, by the way.) Problem is, outside of the Magic Kingdom things aren't always that easy. In a country/world with skills shortages most companies hire who they can... That is, people who do what they can to get by. Try and find the love in this equation.

I jumped from job to job and although I did good work wherever I went, I never felt the love. I never worked from a place of inspiration.

They say that the cobbler's kids never have shoes. This is not true at Blue Moon. I can easily say that it is the best company I have worked for (although, to be fair, I have worked at some really bad ones as well). I found the love here. I am not doing what I love but I am inspired to love what I do. That is the difference a specialist Integrated Employee Engagement (IEE) company brings to the table. We live our product. Blue Moon leaders are hands on, they lead from the front and live to demonstrate the ethics and messages in the engagement tools we provide to our clients.

I love to see the difference we make when we do our thing. Whenever I can, I stand in the back of the room at an engagement we have produced. I love to see the change in people's faces and how they react to our engagements. The challenge is to sustain the impact and this is where the Integrated part in Integrated Employee Engagement is important. We offer phased engagements according to the Employee Lifecycle ensuring we inspire people at every possible touchpoint. Note: our products are customised so you don't buy a stale engagement that was a good idea in 2003.

I used to be an excellent marketer; now, thanks to a company which practices what it preaches, I am an inspired IEE specialist and I love what I do.

(Disclosure: I was indeed asked to write this blog entry but was given free rein on content. Bonus season is far away and I am not getting paid to write this. If I was I would have used more rosy language... fosho.)

About the author

Michael Raubenheimer is Creative Director at Blue Moon.

Blue Moon Corporate Communications' press office

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