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Recruitment company news

How to wave a graceful goodbye

Issued by: Recruitgroup | 28 Feb 2014 09:54
Resigning is never easy for either the employer or employee. Although it may sometimes come as a relief to be leaving behind that dragon of a boss or to be saying goodbye to the "problem child" employee; it will always bring certain emotions to the surface that one would much rather have kept away. At the end of the day people come and people go and as happy or as sad as it may be, all parties involved need to make sure that it is done properly and that no bridges are burnt.
As the common saying goes, "the world is a small place", it couldn't be truer especially in the work place. Says Catherine Lee, team leader at Recruitgroup: "Industries are an even smaller world and word spreads very quickly, references are easy to get and recommendations often fly around quite freely. This is true for both the job seekers and the companies out there. This might come as quite a shock as it is often thought that it is only the job seeker who gets a reputation of being a "good" or "bad" candidate. However, it is often the companies who have more of a reputation than the job seekers, be it good or bad."

Job seekers; once you have made that final decision that you will be leaving your current company be sure to have the decency to let your boss know professionally. You need to be sure in your mind that this is what you want. A letter of resignation needs to be written in a professional and decent manner. Says Catherine: "I would highly recommend hand delivering the letter to the relevant manager or director. As scary as this is, I can guarantee you that it will be much appreciated. Finally when all of that is done, make sure that your boss is sad to see you go, not the other way around. Be pleasant and grateful for having the opportunity to learn and get experience in that company, position or industry. As good or as terrible as your experience may have been, you would have learnt something and be sure to embrace that."

Employers; when you have a candidate that comes to you with a letter of resignation remember that it is scary for them to be doing such a thing. It is very easy to see this as a sign of betrayal and a waste of all your time spent on training up the employee, but you too will have learnt something either from the candidate or from hiring the candidate. If it is one of your star employees this can often be quite a blow and cause major stress in your life.

Many times in order to avoid this stress a company will make the exiting candidate a counter offer. While this may solve the problem temporarily it may come back with negative effects. Says Catherine: "Would you really like to encourage someone who has chosen to leave your company, to rather stay? Something has caused them to look at or consider another opportunity and 99% of the time, should they accept your counter offer, their mind will always be outside where the grass is supposedly greener." This attitude can negatively affect your business in many ways be it with clients or staff, and ultimately may be detrimental to your bottom line.

So why all the "walking on egg shells" if you won't ever have to work with that person again? Well the work place is a very small world. You don't want to burn any bridges and you definitely don't want to develop a negative reputation in your industry.

Says Catherine: "So if you had to ask me, is it really worth putting in all that effort until the last day? Yes, it is! Unless of course you are happy with not getting your dream job or not getting the absolute best candidate on the market because of your reputation. Put that extra 110% effort in, it will go a long way to help you. Keep your head up and move on gracefully.

Catherine Lee - team leader at Recruitgroup


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