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10 ways to increase sales through effective negotiation

A common sense rule to follow is: there is direct relationship between improving your negotiation skills and your personal motivation to sell. Improving one will improve the other. It is that simple.
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Here are 10 ways you can immediately add to your negotiation skill toolbox and see immediate results.
    1. Always be certain you know what it is the other party is actually seeking from the negotiations.

    2. Stay focused on the issues being negotiated and do not pursue rabbit trails that lead nowhere.

    3. Finding alternative solutions to resolve the issue is a great way to keep the other party negotiating.

    4. Being continually mindful of time is critical both to you and the other party, so using time wisely is to your advantage.

    5. If you are under any specific time constraints that are not negotiable, never let the other person know.

    6. Discover what the other party defines as success regarding the negotiations.

    7. When presenting a solution to a problem, never speak weakly in words or actions, because it has the potential to give the other party the idea that it is possible for them to get more from the situation.

    8. Presenting a solution and offering a trade are two instances that require you to make eye contact, expressing confidence.

    9. Silence is a good tactical method of getting the other party to think and reinforce the points you have made.

    10. Putting something in writing makes it virtually impossible to modify, so until the final negotiations have ended and all the details are hammered out, do not put anything in writing.

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