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IPG Mediabrands launches new programmatic buying desk in SA

IPG Mediabrands, the media innovation arm of Interpublic Group, including The Media Shop, UM and Initiative Media in South Africa, has announced the launch of Cadreon, its programmatic buying capability in the South African market.
Programmatic buying represents the next generation of digital performance where automated systems make media buying decisions in real time. It's the method by which all advertising is bought and sold through online platforms, in an auction-based environment. The buyer therefore pays the price an ad is worth at any given moment. A process that is not too dissimilar to the way stocks and shares are traded on an exchange.

Cadreon is an agency trading desk that integrates technology, data, inventory and human intelligence to target audiences in real time, thus maximising the return of digital communications across digital display, online video and mobile platforms.

Cadreon's competitive advantage lies in its focus on delivering against client business outcomes. Cadreon's mission of finding the right audience at the right time is also furthered with their proprietary technology TotalTag, which enables the data collection and deep audience insights that drive further optimisation of campaigns. The integration of all these capabilities enables significant performance improvements for clients.

Unlike many other agency trading desks, Cadreon does not purchase media inventory in advance or in bulk and does not arbitrage media inventory. This approach ensures that inventory is purchased in real time and clients enjoy the true efficiencies of real-time bidding.

"It has been a really exciting process introducing Cadreon into the South African market. We have received enormous support from our agencies and clients. The uptake has been quite phenomenal and a real testament to the desire of South African advertisers to adopt a more performance-based approach to their media planning. As this trend continues to increase and clients look for more sophisticated ways to reach their customers online, we are confident that Cadreon's role in the media mix will continue to grow," says Brad Smale, Managing Director, IPG Mediabrands Africa.

About IPG Mediabrands

We were founded by Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) in 2007 to manage all of its global media related assets. Today that means we manage and invest $37bn in global media on the behalf of our clients, employ over 8,500 diverse and daring marketing communication specialists worldwide and operate our company businesses in more than 130 countries.

A proven entity in helping clients maximise business results through integrated, intelligence-driven marketing strategies, IPG Mediabrands is committed to driving automated buying, pay-for-performance and digital innovation solutions through its network of media agencies including UM, Initiative, BPN, Orion Holdings, and ID Media. Its roster of specialty service agencies including MAGNA GLOBAL, Mediabrands Audience Platform, Mediabrands Publishing, IPG Media Lab, Ensemble, and Identity offer technologies and industry moving partnerships that are recognised for delivering unprecedented bottom line results for clients.