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Chewing gum sustaining growth in SA gum market

The Living Standard Measure (LSM) profile of chewing gum versus bubble gum brands are notably different, however, it is the growth in the number of chewing gum rather than bubble gum consumers that is sustaining the SA gum market, according to the latest report released by Analytix BI, "South Africa Brand Report: Consumers of Chewing Gum/Bubble Gum".

Based on AMPS data, South African Gum consumers (16+ years) had increased from 17.6 million (54%) in 2010 to 18.9 million (55%) in 2012. This compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.2% will increase the number of adult gum consumers to 22.3 million by 2017. Most of this growth had been from the surging chewing gum market, while bubble gum has seen a plateau in growth, and a negative growth in 2010 which was attributed to longer school holidays during the Soccer World Cup. One of bubble gum's primary markets are school-going children.

chewing gum has always relied on flavour and product innovation to sustain growth among consumers, while reaching markets that are constantly being told that gum is healthy or unhealthy, depending on the latest interpretation of research findings. Markets are constantly under pressure to find new and innovative ways of reaching new consumers across various LSM segments. Interestingly, Chappies, which is South Africa's favourite bubble gum, has a stronghold in the lower LSM bracket. This is not surprising due to the price point of the product which is considerably lower than other gums. Chappies is also sold in bulk to Spaza shops who target school-going children.

Source: AMPS 2012A (Adult population 15+ years)
Sample Size: 12 631 (2012) (Chewing Gum/Bubble Gum personally consumed most often) Based on unweighted numbers
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Gum consumers varied by brand across LSM segments, and a detailed picture is painted for each brand and the target market they reach. LSM 9 and 10, the highest income segments, consume chewing gum brands that are typically at the cutting-edge of product and flavour innovation, such as Stimorol and Orbit. Stimorol has just released 'TasteTwist', a gum that changes flavor the longer you chew. Constant reinvention and innovation are vital in this highly competitive market.

South Africa finds itself aligning to global trends in this market with chewing gums experiencing growth, while bubble gums remain stagnant. The local market leader though, in terms of the number of consumers, happens to be Chappies which is of course a bubble gum. The leaders in the chewing gum category are also the global market leaders. Wrigley's (makers of Airwaves - the market leader for chewing gum in South Africa) holds the leading position in most major markets, including 95% of the market in the United Kingdom.

These and other results are available in Analytix BI's report, "South Africa Brand Report: Consumers of Chewing Gum/Bubble Gum". The report provides a comprehensive consumer profile of the Chewing Gum/bubble gum category (minimum category sample = 12 629 consumers), as well as a detailed segmentation by brand, namely:

Airwaves, Beechies, Chappies, Clorets, Dentyne, Mentos, Orbit, and Stimorol.

It examines in detail the geo-demographics, shopping patterns, cellphone and Internet usage of the chewing gum/bubble gum category by brand, making it a vital reference report for anyone wanting to understand this segment of the market.
Please note that the 98-page PowerPoint report is available for purchase for R9,000 (excluding VAT). Simply visit to view the brochure and order form or contact us directly on (021) 551-7066.

  • Who are the key players and brands in the market and how are they positioned?
  • What are the important global and local market trends that should be included in your business strategy?
  • What is the size of the consumer market and consumer trends (2010-2012) and what is the consumer forecast for 2013-2017?
  • Who are the consumers of chewing gum/bubble gum? What are geo-demographic trends among consumers (2010-2012)? e.g. age, gender, affluence, life-stage, geographics
  • What are purchasing patterns among consumers of chewing gum/bubble gum? Which are the popular food and grocery stores for bulk, fill-up and convenience shopping? Who is the purchase decision-maker in the household?
  • How do you engage with your consumers via cellphone and the Internet?

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