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PnP poll results: Mother's Day gifts... the best... and the worst!

Mother's Day is on Sunday, so husbands and partners out there you'd better pay close attention to this PnP survey and make sure A: you don't forget MD, and B: whatever you buy doesn't fall into the 'worst gift' toilet of shame.
The results of a recent poll conducted by Pick n Pay with approximately 750 customers has revealed some very interesting insight into what South African's plan to give their mother's this year, whether or not people are going to make it or fake it and some of the worst gifts that have ever been given! The poll also investigated how people feel about Mother's Day in general.

Have you ever received a Mother's Day gift?

Best Gift

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Pick n Pay asked customers to recall some of the best gifts they had given their Mother's in the past. Ideas ranged dramatically - from diamonds to nothing but love!

A few of the highlights below:
• A beautifully wrapped box filled with nothing but love
• Block-mounted canvas photos of the family
• A charm bracelet with two hearts symbolising her children's love for her
• A cruise to the Portuguese islands
• A coat
• A diamond ring
• A day at the spa
• Jewellery
• A homemade gourmet breakfast
• Pyjamas
• A tablet
• Perfume
• An aeroplane ticket so Mom could come and visit
• Tickets to Swan Lake
• A grandchild

Worst Gift

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Pick n Pay asked customers to recall some of the worst gifts they had given their Mother's in the past. While most people agreed that giving nothing was the worst gift ever - some customers had particularly amusing failed gift attempts to recall! A few of the highlights below:
• Nothing
• A bottle of wine.... She doesn't drink
• A frying pan
• Bed Socks
• Slippers that were at least three sizes too big
• Breakfast cooked with Dad for all of us... but there wasn't enough for Mom when we dished up!
• A key ring
• A hairdryer
• A service voucher for her car
• A packet of crisps
• A box of chocolates bought on the way to see her because I forgot it was Mother's Day
• A box of chocolates before we knew mom was diabetic
• A hair dye kit
• Just a card
• A frame with a pillow saying "Best Mom Ever"!

Are you going to bake it or fake it this year?

It seems the road to Mom's heart is paved with good intentions this year. When asked if they were going to home-bake Mother's Day treats or buy ready-made store, 56% or respondents said they plan to bake it this year. Meanwhile 32% said they are going to fake it and buy something ready-made and 11% said that they do not plan to do anything at all.

Last minute gifting

Pick n Pay asked customers what their go-to last minute gift would be if they only remember Mother's Day the day before. They were given the options of: chocolates, flowers or a hastily booked lunch with the family. Results below:

Mother's Day: A special celebration

According to the results of the poll, the vast majority (94%) of respondents agree that Mother's Day is a great way to celebrate motherhood. Meanwhile, 5% of respondents believe it's simply a way for people to make money off consumers and 1% feels that it is a bit of an inconvenience.

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