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AMPS (Jan-Dec 2013)... Storyteller style

The Saarf All Media and Products Survey (AMPS) has been conducted in South Africa since 1975. Over the past 40 years, the survey has continuously evolved and expanded, keeping pace with the rapid change and development in local media and consumer landscapes. It remains the backbone of local market research due to its all-inclusive nature, but this primary strength can be daunting - especially for time-stressed marketers who are faced with an overload of market research and the resulting analysis paralysis.

The first snapshot of Storyteller provides information pertaining to the demographic breakdown of the South African market. This can be viewed at a brand level as well which illustrates ‘Who’ the consumer group(s) actually are.
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The narrative then segments the data into where your target market resides, giving context of their home set-up which includes family make-up, dwelling type, security service, swimming pools etc., etc.
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The next narrative of Storyteller describes the online and mobile savviness of your consumer market illustrated by dashboards, graphs and scoring systems that indicate internet penetration, access behaviour and technological savviness. A great way of understanding how savvy your target market is online.
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Enter Storyteller, a data insights tool that effectively helps marketers 'de-code' the complex AMPS data, providing a report that is brand-specific, allowing marketers to sidestep the reams of unrelenting and often irrelevant statistics and instead hone directly in on relevant consumer and brand insights.

Developed by Habari Media's Insights and Innovations Director, Byron John, Storyteller essentially turns the AMPS data on its head, using sections from the data to build a compelling story of consumers from 'the bottom up'.

John explains: "Many marketers have this preconceived idea about who their target markets are and use flawed segmentation variables such as LSMs to determine them. If you want to see who has actually experienced your brand first hand, why don't you just filter by the brand itself?"

This is exactly what Storyteller does, filtering from the brand upwards, to tell the story of who consumes individual brands, using the country's biggest and most all-inclusive consumer survey.

"Because Storyteller is integrated with AMPS, it provides marketers with the reassurance that they are benefiting from the country's widest sample base thereby gaining the most accurate representation of brand users across the board," says John.

But the real beauty of Storyteller is that it takes this raw data and transforms it into a story that is not only easy to read, but equally easy to understand.

Utilising an intuitively-designed dashboard, it provides even novice marketers with the ability to instantaneously view key demographic variables - Who uses Brand X? What do they do? Where do they live? Storyteller also provides insight into consumers' digital or online behaviours, illustrating at a glance whether users are technophobes or members of the so-called 'Digital Elite'. Cues like this will direct not only the angle of any marketing communication, and the appropriate medium but also the mechanics of any campaign.

John adds that Storyteller can also tell tales on competitor brands, by allowing marketers to compare consumer markets side-by-side (ie users of Brand X vs users of Brand Y), helping to identify gaps and future opportunities in the market.

Furthermore, he adds: "Using the Predictor Plus methodology developed by Pete Langschmidt, combined with Differentiator Plus, developed in-house at Habari Media, you can now tell a story about your brand from the strongest demographic and psychographic variables in rank order, and identify the defining characteristics that make up your brand, and then compare them with your closest competitor."

"We all know that our brands have a story to tell, but unfortunately these stories are generally told in the complex language of data. Storyteller helps translate this language, transforming previously dry and often unintelligible data into engaging and easy-to-understand stories," concludes John.

To see a quick glimpse of the 24 page report, please click here or alternatively contact for the PDF version.


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