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Recent updates to TAMS data implemented

On 3 March 2014, the TAMS data updated as the final step in implementing the TAMS audit recommendations of April 2013 and marks the effective commencement date of the new TAMS expanded panel contract.
This article describes what these updates entail and looks at the potential impact on data users.
    • The TAMS Universe has updated to the AMPS 2013A household and individual Meter Universe, which incorporates the latest South African census data. DSTV audited subscriber figures for March 2013 will be used to update the DSTV Universe. The last TAMS update occurred on 14 January 2013.

    • The current weighting system used for TAMS is the Random Iterative Method - in short RIM weighting. The TAMS weighting regime has adjusted where each weighting variable will be broken out into Children (Ages 4 to 14 years) and Adults (Ages 15+). The RIM weighting error arising from a coding error relating to the work status of children aged 4 to 6 will also be rectified at the same time. Both adjustments will enhance data stability and improve weighting efficiency.

    • These updates will be applied to an increased weekly reporting sample of 2,500 households (approximately 10,000 individuals delivered daily), following the recent TAMS panel expansion.

Benefits to data users

The industry and data users will benefit from the 3 March 2014 update in the following ways:• The TV Universe update will incorporate the population shifts emerging from the 2011 South African National Census as well as reflect shifts that have occurred in the TV audience landscape in the last year.

• Stability in commonly traded target markets will be enhanced by the expanded reporting sample as well as the break-outs of each weighting variable into children and adults. In particular, LSM groups which are frequently broken out by adults will benefit from the newly structured RIMS.

• Statistical measures demonstrating general sample and weighting health will improve. Weighting efficiency for individuals will increase from 48% to 68%. Simultaneously, the maximum weight will decrease from 99,000 to around 50,000, which will further contribute positively towards daily data stability.

For the full TAMS update report, download the Word Document here.