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The JSE lends its financial muscle to messaging

With the growing focus on corporate governance and transparency, and with organisational reputation cited as the number one risk to companies, it never fails to amaze me how some people believe that they instinctively know how to handle the media - despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary.
While they may understand the importance of reputation and how their company is viewed by its stakeholders, they still refuse to wrap their heads around building rapport with journalists. To them, the evasive "no comment" comment is a natural fallback position, or, even worse - they blatantly refuse to engage.

It's often a question of winning these cynical people over, while appreciating that their reticence often comes as a result of being badly 'burnt' by news headlines. Added to this very real fear is the rise of social media and the fact that instantaneous global communications makes it very difficult for companies to control how they are perceived in the marketplace.

According to Deloitte's recently published survey entited: 'Exploring Strategic Risks,' almost half of the respondents in Europe, the Middle East and Africa described their risk management programmes as inadequate. The survey analysed the responses of more than 300 senior top management and board members and represented all major commercial sectors and geographical regional across the world.

Strategic risk management has to be viewed as a CEO and board-level priority, which is why I am excited to partner with an internationally recognised and respected South African financial market entity like the JSE, which recognises the importance of building reputable brands and credible profiles.

With 386 companies listed on the JSE and additional services aimed at international companies that are considering listing on the South African exchange, this new offering of targeted capacity-building for businesses to communicate with investors and the media forms part of the JSE's vision of revitalising its brand.

More than just a brand new bold identity and unprecedented ease of access to targeted media for companies through its Media Hub, the JSE will be introducing the first two rounds of workshops scheduled on 23 and 24 of July designed to ensure that your company is sending the right message to the media and its engaging on the correct levels.

The first round of workshops will include key messaging, presentation and interview skills training. Advanced media training will be offered in the second round geared to take the basics of media training to a much higher level, and will equip you for any issue based interaction with the media.

Packages can also be tailored to suit your training requirements and can be conducted at the JSE or your company premises.

Media training will take place as follows (R7000.00 per delegate):

Dates and times:

23 July 08.30am - 12.30pm
24 July 08.30am - 12.30pm

Please contact the JSE on or 011 520 7389 to book.

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Janine Lazarus is a South African journalist and interviewer of top names in the news, public figures and celebrities. Follow @JanineLazarus on Twitter.

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