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Local tech PR agency wins global award for collaboration

Global technology firm Veeam Software has named DUO Marketing + Communications as "Most Collaborative Agency 2013" at its inaugural Global PR Summit in Barcelona.
According to Yulia Poslavskaya, senior public and analyst relations manager at Veeam Software, DUO was the absolute winner out of a pool of more than 15 global agencies based on the feedback collected from the company's regional teams. "We admire DUO's approach of looking for new opportunities at the country level and coming up with really creative and valuable PR solutions. We are looking forward to our further fruitful cooperation."

As businesses feel the pressure to meet each quarter's new revenue targets, a collaborative agency-client partnership with the PR team entrusted with their reputation can help meet these goals."Clients with a deep understanding of their industry, a product that just works, and the willingness to really collaborate with their agency have the best chance of PR success," says Elzaan Rohde, the DUO account director managing Veeam's South African PR strategy.

DUO celebrates its 10th year as a B2B tech PR agency this year, operating from its offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

"We set out to become a partner for local tech brands by developing and executing commercially driven marketing and PR campaigns that would help grow their brands", says DUO's chief executive, Judith Middleton. "Since then, our growth has been stable year-on-year. Our evolution with an ever-growing suite of services has been deeply rewarding. It's a privilege to work on prestigious names such as Vox Telecom, Amazon and Gartner Africa, as well as some of the industry's most innovative new technology players including Turrito Cloudware, wiGroup and Metacom."

She adds that the best results are always the product of a collaborative client-agency relationship where clients stay involved in strategy, key decisions and thought leadership to empower their PR partners. "DUO prides itself on the strength of our partnerships with our clients. Winning this award is testament to our ability to become true extensions of our clients' businesses and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Veeam."

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DUO Marketing + Communications
DUO Marketing + Communications is a specialist PR, digital and marketing agency servicing B2B technology companies in sub-Saharan Africa. DUO incorporates PR with digital to deliver results and ROI for clients.