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Six new package designs launched at international food fair

Anuga FoodTec 2012, positioned as the food industry's most important comprehensive technology trade fair was held in Germany at the end of March 2012. During the exhibition, Tetra Pak unveiled six new packaging designs.
These included two new portion packs based on the successful Tetra Brik Aseptic Edge design, a new droplet package design that extends the Tetra Rex line and two new profiles within the Tetra Gemina Aseptic range. In addition, the company is expanding its Tetra Top Carton Shot range by adding a tear-off opening for on-the-go convenience.

"These six products are highly distinctive with functional new designs and are the result of our long-standing commitment to innovation and design excellence," says Rae McGraw, communications cluster leader, sub-Sahara Africa, Tetra Pak. "We are confident these products will be enthusiastically received by our customers and will raise the bar even higher in terms of functionality and differentiation."

Right here, right now

One of the biggest challenges to the food industry in recent years has been the growth of on-the-go consumption, with busy consumers demanding a "right here, right now" service from their shopping experience. Consumers are increasingly looking for a stress-free option and the new Aseptic Edge portion packs deliver just that: a convenient product for consumers and a flexible solution for customers.

Building on the success of the award-winning Aseptic 1000ml Edge, the new 200ml and 250ml packages provide the flexibility to consume on-the-go while also catering for the increasing number of single-person households. With large sloping tops and contoured side panels, the portion packs deliver additional branding opportunities for customers and enhanced handling for consumers. Sold with either Helicap 23, which is the largest screwcap for 200ml and 250ml ambient dairy carton packages, or a straw, the consumer will enjoy an excellent pouring and drinking experience.

The 200ml Edge with straw is now available globally, while the 200ml Edge with Helicap 23 is due for release in Q2, 2012.

Surprise me, delight me

Expectations are constantly rising as consumers look for that 'extra' experience from every purchase through a combination of looks and functionality.

Tetra Rex Pearl is a brand new package designed for premium milk and juice. It delivers improved branding possibilities and a differentiated offer for retailers. Due for launch in Q1, 2013, it moves away from the faceted shapes traditionally associated with cartons to a more curvaceous, simplistic shape. The curved, droplet-shaped keyline creates a high impact side profile and defines the overall new look. In addition, the absence of a front horizontal crease line creates one large front panel, which not only opens up new branding possibilities, but also affords the space for a large, premium-looking closure.

To enhance the consumer's experience, it also features the recently launched TwistCap OSO 34 (One Step Opening) closure, a large one-step opening that can be applied on a standard gable top package (70x70) without changing the configuration of the package. With higher ridges that are widely spaced for a better grip and an inner lip on the neck, the closure allows consumers to pour the product easily and reseal the package safely.

The company is also extending the Tetra Gemina Aseptic range, with two new shapes - Leaf and Crystal. These use the Tetra Pak A3/Flex platform, along with the Aseptic Square, allowing customers to benefit from shape, size and flexibility within the product family. The platform offers the potential to produce three different shapes on the same machine and to switch between different shapes and sizes in the family, allowing customers to innovate rapidly in response to market demands.

The Crystal and Leaf combine strong visual appeal with the consumer functionality of the Square shape. The original Square is renowned for two qualities: its top, which gives the package a unique appearance and the geometry of the slanted top, which achieves the best possible product flow. The Crystal maintains these two key attributes, but the shape of the package body is new and includes four new crystal-shaped panels. The result is an appealing and innovative design, which will build differentiation on the crowded supermarket shelf.

Together, these shapes bring new possibilities for brand development and market segmentation - all within the same package family.

The new packages also offer consumers enhanced usability by incorporating the new Helicap 27, built on the same technology as the Helicap 23. It is consumer-friendly, with a large 27mm neck size, which provides enhanced one-step functionality and a superior pouring experience for in-home consumption.

At the same time, the cap height and knurl design provides those consumers who have difficulty gripping with an improved experience. This re-sealable, one-step closure provides better visibility for tamper evidence and a high quality image.

The enhanced functionality together with a lower overall customer system cost means that Helicap 27 provides an excellent opening for family cartons. In March 2012, Helicap on Tetra Prism Aseptic Square was the first one-step opening to be recognised and approved as "easy to open" by the Swedish Rheumatism Association.

Health Consciousness

In recent years, consumers around the globe have become more conscious of their health needs. Daily dose drinks, energy boosters and probiotics, a market that is expected to expand by 4% globally between 2011 and 2014, have met a growing demand for healthy products.

To meet this demand, the group is launching Lokka, a new opening option for the Tetra Top Carton Shot in a convenient 100ml package. It is a new convenient tear-off opening, which meets the demand for on-the-go consumption. Already available in Finland, it can be applied to a range of products and delivers the convenience of a unique package at a competitive price. From an environmental perspective, it offers the lowest CO2 level in the market.

"We invest at least 4% of our turnover in development and engineering, so it is really exciting when this investment materialises and delivers innovative products to customers and consumers," says McGraw.

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