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Manufacturing Indaba 2018

A year in review for Cindy Lee and Brian Critchfield, Fresh Eye Film Productions

We have had a great year with interesting and challenging projects. Agencies have been very open to workshopping boards with us, and re-presenting to client - maybe this is a trend or we have just been lucky. Great creative work has come our way with the reel expanding, showing Cindy's capabilities and strengths.

Top advertisements for 2012

We have had some fantastic opportunities this year but the work that stands out would be Rubybox 'Come To Me', which we shot for MorrisJones. Wimpy 'New Guy', which we shot for FCB, and the Nola Mayonnaise 'Chef' campaign, which we shot for Joe Public. All these projects had great scripts as well as fantastic collaboration between client, agency and Fresh Eye. The work speaks for itself and we are very proud of it.

Ruby Box , "Come To Me"

Wimpy, "New Guy"

Nola Mayonnaise 'Chef

2013 industry forecast

Onwards and upwards. We already have exciting projects confirmed for next year and are eager to start shooting. If next year is as good as this year, it can only be fantastic. That is if it doesn't all end when the Mayan calendar runs its course.

Good luck to everyone and have a happy new year.

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