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Yolande Botha directs Shortstraw's latest music video

If you've ever wanted to take your frustrations and anger out on something without being put in the naughty corner, the latest video for this Joburg Indie Rock band is for you.
When The Brave Cartel’s Yolande Botha heard about Shortstraw’s collaborative project, Those Meddling Kids, on 5fm’s Nick Hamman Show, she decided to get in touch. Instead of releasing one whole album at once, the band decided to create one song a month, for 12 months, and with that, a music video for each.

Lead singer and guitarist, Alastair Thomas says: “The whole reason we started the TMK collective was so that we could meet like-minded creatives that share a passion for making cool s***, so when we got the mail from Yolande we were beyond stoked. After our first meeting, we were convinced the relationship was going to be fruitful, and boy oh boy were we right. She dreamt up a concept that is so us, it's actually not even funny. The concept fit seamlessly into our quirky style and the execution was professional, cinematic and powerful.”

When ready, the band sent Yolande the track, “The Less We’re Together” – a high energy, pop punk anthem with loads of great electric guitar riffs.

“The song is about those little things you miss when you break up, but to me it had a strong feeling of sarcasm, anger and frustration and when I brainstormed ideas, it’s this feeling of the song that I focused on” explains Yolande. “The idea came from that thing I’m sure we all want to do sometimes when we’ve had a bad day or we’re really pissed off: smashing the hell out of things. I also love dark comedy and thought that this genre would suit the song well.”

The video follows three highly emotional characters (played by Chad Phillips, Anna Capraro and Vinita Petrus) who make their way to an odd therapist-type (Leon Clingman), who instead of listening to their problems, puts them in a room to let off some steam. About how the video ends, Yolande says: “Well, I thought… what could possibly go wrong when a therapist who prescribes destroying things is also a little too interested in his female patients? Well, you’ll have to watch and see.”

DOP on the video was Dean Shamley, who captured it on his Red Dragon to ensure high quality imagery, especially when shooting at high speed during the destruction of items.

The art direction played a big role in the offbeat tone of the video and it was Art Director Maike Hitzeroth who was responsible for this. Regine-Maria Sinatra added to the personalities of the various characters with her creative flair in wardrobe styling. The video was predominantly shot at Prop Art in Pinelands, with the rest in Cape Town and surrounds.

Editor and colourist on the video was Carol Groenewald who has a knack for storytelling and works well under fast turnaround times. About the video’s pace versus the track’s energy Yolande says: “I didn’t want this video to be cut fast and frenetic, like a lot of videos are these days. Instead, I felt a slower, more linear style of storytelling and editing would contrast well with the driving pace of the track and focus the viewer’s attention on the character’s state of minds. I also believe it amplifies the humour.”

Watch the video here:

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